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Volume 89 - Number 1 - March 1974

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Paradigms of American Politics: Beyond the One, the Two, and the Many
Samuel P. Huntington

pp. 1-26

The Burger Court in Historical Perspective
Alpheus Thomas Mason

pp. 27-45

Politics and the Changing Law of the Sea
Louis Henkin

pp. 46-67

Press Coverage and Voter Reaction in the 1968 Presidential Election
Doris A. Graber

pp. 68-100

Is There a Revisionist Thesis on the Origins of the Cold War?
Michael Leigh

pp. 101-116

The Iranian Crisis of 1945-46 and the Cold War
Gary R. Hess

pp. 117-146

Iran and Control of Its Oil Resources

pp. 147-174

The Beliefs of Politicians: Ideology, Conflict, and Democracy in Britain and Italy, Robert D. Putnam ; Political Alienation and Political Behavior, David C. Schwartz
Reviewed by Robert E. Lane

pp. 175-178

Presidential Television, John Bartlow Martin, Newton N. Minow and Lee M. Mitchell
Reviewed by Erik Barnouw

pp. 178-179

Research on Human Subjects: Problems of Social Control in Medical Experimentation, Bernard Barber, John J. Lally, Julia Loughlin Makarushka and Daniel Sullivan
Reviewed by Frank P. Grad

pp. 179-181

Academic Transformation: Seventeen Institutions under Pressure, David Riesman and Verne A. Stadtman
Reviewed by Everett Carll Ladd

pp. 181-182

Setting National Priorities: The 1974 Budget, Alice M. Rivlin, Edward R. Fried, Charles L. Schultze and Nancy H. Teeters
Reviewed by Marion Hamilton Gillim

pp. 183-184

The Bench and the Ballot: Southern Federal Judges and Black Voters, Charles V. Hamilton
Reviewed by Lucius J. Barker

pp. 184-186

Black Men, White Cities: Race, Politics, and Migration in the United States, 1900-30, and Britain, 1948-68, Ira Katznelson
Reviewed by Michael Lipsky

pp. 186-188

CORE: A Study in the Civil Rights Movement, 1942-1968, August Meier and Elliott Rudwick
Reviewed by Charles V. Hamilton

pp. 188-189

The Politics of the Black "Nation", Matthew Holden ; The White Man's Burden, Matthew Holden
Reviewed by Wilbur Rich

pp. 189-191

J. Edgar Hoover: The Man in His Time, Ralph de Toledano ; C. I. A.: The Myth and the Madness, Patrick J. McGarvey
Reviewed by John T. Elliff

pp. 192-193

Kissinger: The Uses of Power, David Landau
Reviewed by Arnold A. Rogow

pp. 194-195

The Culture Factory: Boston Public Schools, 1789-1860, Stanley K. Schultz

pp. 195-197

The American Woman: Her Changing Social, Economic, and Political Roles, 1920-1970, William H. Chafe ; Women's Suffrage in New Zealand, Patricia Grimshaw ; The New Woman; Feminism in Greenwich Village, 1910-1920, June Sochen
Reviewed by Barbara Miller Solomon

pp. 197-200

G. Stanley Hall: The Psychologist as Prophet, Dorothy Ross ; Frederick Jackson Turner: Historian, Scholar, Teacher, Ray Allen Billington
Reviewed by Robert A. McCaughey

pp. 200-202

The New Left and the Origins of the Cold War, Robert James Maddox ; New Left Diplomatic Histories and Historians: The American Revisionists, Joseph M. Siracusa
Reviewed by Bennett Kovrig

pp. 202-204

War and Politics, Bernard Brodie
Reviewed by Thomas C. Leonard

pp. 205-206

A Secret War: Americans in China, 1944-45, Oliver J. Caldwell ; Patrick J. Hurley and American Foreign Policy, Russell D. Buhite
Reviewed by O. Edmund Clubb

pp. 207-208

Foundations of American Independence: 1763-1815, J. R. Pole
Reviewed by Linda K. Kerber

pp. 209-210

The Influence of the United States on Canadian Development: Eleven Case Studies, Richard A. Preston
Reviewed by Robin W. Winks

pp. 210-211

Fleet Street Radical: A. G. Gardiner and the Daily News, Stephen E. Koss
Reviewed by Kenneth O. Morgan

pp. 212-213

The Methodist Revolution, Bernard Semmel
Reviewed by Gertrude Himmelfarb

pp. 213-215

Stalin: The Man and His Era, Adam B. Ulman
Reviewed by Robert G. Wesson

pp. 215-217

Czechoslovakia Before Munich: The German Minority Problems and British Appeasement Policy, J. W. Bruegel ; Czechoslovakia: The Party and the People, Andrew Oxley, Alex Pravada and Andrew Ritchie
Reviewed by Frank Dinka

pp. 217-220

The State of Sociology in Eastern Europe Today, Jerzy J. Wiatr and Herman R. Lantz
Reviewed by Melvin Croan

pp. 220-222

The Military and Political Power in China in the 1970's, William W. Whitson
Reviewed by Kurt Lang

pp. 222-223

Kinship and Community in Two Chinese Villages, Burton Pasternak
Reviewed by Bernard Gallin

pp. 224-225

Cave Dwellers and Citrus Growers: A Jewish Community in Libya and Israel, Harvey E. Goldberg
Reviewed by Myron J. Aronoff

pp. 225-227

Power and Politics in Africa, Henry L. Bretton
Reviewed by L. Gray Cowan

pp. 227-228

The Ghanaian Factory Worker: Industrial Man in Africa, Margaret Peil
Reviewed by Elliot Berg

pp. 228-230

The United Nations System: An Analysis, Gunnar Myrdal and Mahdi Elmandjra
Reviewed by Martin Hill

pp. 230-232

Modern Revolutions: An Introduction to the Analysis of a Political Phenomenon, John Dunn ; Civil Wars in the Twentieth Century, Robin Higham
Reviewed by Robert E. Bedeski

pp. 232-234

Ideas and Procedures in African Customary Law, Max Gluckman ; African Law: Adaptation and Development, Hilda Kuper and Leo Kuper
Reviewed by Elizabeth E. Hopkins

pp. 234-236

Comparison of Economic Systems: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches, Alexander Eckstein
Reviewed by Kenneth E. Boulding

pp. 236-238

Lenin and the Comintern, Volume I, Branko Lazitch and Milorad M. Drachkovitch
Reviewed by Warren Lerner

pp. 238-239

Studies in Ibo Political Systems: Chieftaincy and Politics in Four Niger States, Ikenna Nzimiro
Reviewed by J. H. M. Beattie

pp. 239-240

The Aberystwyth Papers: International Politics, 1919-1969, Brian Porter
Reviewed by Harold K. Jacobson

pp. 241-242

The Future of the International Legal Order, Vol. III: Conflict Management, Cyril E. Black and Richard A. Falk
Reviewed by Linda B. Miller

pp. 242-244

Leader and Vanguard in Mass Society: A Study of Peronist Argentina, Jeane Kirkpatrick
Reviewed by Eldon Kenworthy

pp. 244-246

Social Development: Critical Perspectives, Manfred Stanley
Reviewed by Richard H. Brown

pp. 246-248

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