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Volume 89 - Number 2 - June 1974

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Where Are the Political Superstars?
Lewis J. Edinger

pp. 249-268

The Impact of Watergate on Children's Attitudes toward Political Authority
F. Christopher Arterton

pp. 269-288

"Guilty Yes; Impeachment, No": Some Empirical Findings
Patrick J. McGeever

pp. 289-299

Impeachment and the Dynamics of Public Opinion: A Comment on "Guilty, Yes; Impeachment, No"
Gerald B. Finch

pp. 301-304

France and the Vietnam Peace Settlement
Marianna P. Sullivan

pp. 305-324

1972 Democratic Convention Reforms and Party Democracy

pp. 325-350

Ethno-Cultural Interpretations of Nineteenth-Century American Voting Behavior
Richard L. McCormick

pp. 351-377

James T. Shotwell and the Science of International Politics
Charles DeBenedetti

pp. 379-395


pp. 472-473

The Americans: The Democratic Experience, Daniel J. Boorstin
Reviewed by Lawrence Fuchs

pp. 397-399

The Nature of Human Values, Milton Rokeach
Reviewed by Robin M. Williams

pp. 399-401

Beleaguered Minorities: Cultural Politics in America, S. J. Makielski
Reviewed by Andrew M. Greeley

pp. 401-402

Economics and the Public Purpose, John Kenneth Galbraith
Reviewed by Dave M. O'Neill

pp. 402-404

The New Inflation: Causes, Effects, Cures, George L. Bach ; Inflation, A Worldwide Disaster, Irving S. Friedman
Reviewed by Raymond J. Saulnier

pp. 405-406

The Retreat from Riches: Affluence and Its Enemies, Peter Passell and Leonard Ross
Reviewed by Richard Szal

pp. 406-408

Kissinger: Portrait of a Mind, Stephen R. Graubard
Reviewed by Norman A. Graebner

pp. 409-410

The Devil and John Foster Dulles, Townsend Hoopes
Reviewed by Arnold A. Rogow

pp. 410-412

The Other Bostonians: Poverty and Progress in the American Metropolis, 1880-1970, Stephan Thernstrom
Reviewed by Sam Bass Warner

pp. 413-414

The Politics of Progress, Raymond E. Wolfinger
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Pressman

pp. 415-416

Rizzo, From Cop to Mayor of Philadelphia, Fred Hamilton
Reviewed by Richard C. Lee

pp. 416-418

Residential Abandonment: The Tenement Landlord Revisited, George Sternlieb and Robert W. Burchell
Reviewed by Flora S. Davidson

pp. 419-421

Budgets, Bonds, and Ballots, Philip K. Piele and John Stuart Hall
Reviewed by Gerald Benjamin

pp. 421-422

Government as Employer, Sterling D. Spero ; The Urban Community and Its Unionized Bureaucracies: Pressure Politics in Local Government Labor Relations, Sterling Spero and John M. Capozzola
Reviewed by Daniel Leab

pp. 423-424

From Poor Law to Welfare State: A History of Social Welfare in America, Walter I. Trattner
Reviewed by Stephen David

pp. 424-426

Black Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration, James C. Harvey
Reviewed by Richard H. Leach

pp. 426-427

Right From the Start: A Chronicle of the McGovern Campaign, Gary Warren Hart
Reviewed by Richard R. Rubin

pp. 427-428

Perspectives on Presidential Selection, Donald R. Matthews
Reviewed by Gerald Finch

pp. 428-431

Soviet-American Confrontation: Postwar Reconstruction and the Origins of the Cold War, Thomas G. Paterson
Reviewed by Nils H. Wessell

pp. 431-432

Stephen A. Douglas, Robert W. Johannsen
Reviewed by Eric Foner

pp. 432-434

The Papers of Adlai E. Stevenson: Vol. II, Washington to Springfield, 1941- 1948, Walter Johnson and Carol Evans
Reviewed by Warren F. Kuehl

pp. 434-435

Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: Progressive and Zionist, Vol. III, 1913-1915, Melvin I. Urofsky and David M. Levy
Reviewed by Osmond K. Fraenkel

pp. 435-437

Political Parties before the Constitution, Jackson Turner Main
Reviewed by Richard Buel

pp. 438-439

Political Parties in Revolutionary Massachusetts, Stephen E. Patterson
Reviewed by Paul Goodman

pp. 439-441

The Old Dominion and the New Nation, 1788-1801, Richard R. Beeman
Reviewed by William B. Hull

pp. 442-443

At the End of the Day, 1961-1963, Harold Macmillan
Reviewed by Richard W. Lyman

pp. 443-445

Aneurin Bevan: A Biography. Volume Two: 1945-1960, Michael Foot
Reviewed by P. F. Clarke

pp. 445-446

Lloyd George: Family Letters, 1885-1936, K. O. Morgan ; The Pro-Boers: The Anatomy of an Antiwar Movement, Stephen Koss
Reviewed by A. J. A. Morris

pp. 446-448

Class and Society in Soviet Russia, Mervyn Matthews ; Social Stratification and Mobility in the USSR, Murray Yanowitch and Wesley A. Fisher
Reviewed by Bernard Barber

pp. 449-450

Minorities under Communism: Nationalities as a Source of Tension among Balkan Communist States, Robert R. King
Reviewed by Traian Stoianovich

pp. 450-451

The Choosing People: Voting Behavior in Israel, Alan Arian ; Who Rules Israel?, Yuval Elitzur and Eliahu Salpeter ; The Coming Crisis in Israel: Private Faith and Public Policy, Norman L. Zucker
Reviewed by Avraham Avi-hai

pp. 452-454

Israel and Nuclear Weapons: Present Option and Future Strategies, Fuad Jabber
Reviewed by Gary S. Schiff

pp. 454-456

The Moral and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi, Raghavan Iyer
Reviewed by Dennis Dalton

pp. 456-458

The Fortunes of the West: The Future of the Atlantic Nations, Theodore Geiger
Reviewed by Alastair Buchan

pp. 458-459

The Other Powers: Studies in the Foreign Policies of Small States, Ronald P. Barston
Reviewed by Annette Baker Fox

pp. 460-461

The United Nations: Past, Present, and Future, James Barros
Reviewed by Stanley J. Michelak

pp. 461-462

Radical Political Economy, Howard Sherman
Reviewed by Maurice Dobb

pp. 463-464

The Howe Brothers and the American Revolution, Ira D. Gruber
Reviewed by Willard M. Wallace

pp. 464-465

Shipping, Maritime Trade and the Economic Development of Colonial North America, James F. Shepherd and Gary M. Walton
Reviewed by Michael Moohr

pp. 467-468

Medieval Regions and Their Cities, Josiah Cox Russell
Reviewed by Richard Roehl

pp. 468-469

Communism and Nationalism in India: M. N. Roy and Comintern Policy, 1920- 39, John Patrick Haithcox
Reviewed by Joan V. Bondurant

pp. 470-471

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