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Volume 84 - Number 4 - December 1969

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Myths of Hemispheric, Continental, Regional, and State Unity
Walker F. Connor

pp. 555-582

The Majority Principle: Calhoun and His Antecedents
George Kateb

pp. 583-605

Personality and Politics in the Persian Letters
Orest Ranum

pp. 606-627

Chester A. Arthur and the Campaign of 1880
Thomas C. Reeves

pp. 628-637

A Note on Economic Trends in Indonesia
Janos Horvath

pp. 638-642

Government and Revolution in Vietnam, Dennis J. Duncanson
Reviewed by Joseph Buttinger

pp. 643-645

Malaysia: Prospect and Retrospect, The Impact and Aftermath of Colonial Rule, Richard Allen
Reviewed by C. Northcote Parkinson

pp. 646-647

A History of Burma, Maung Htin Aung
Reviewed by John F. Cady

pp. 647-648

Biographical Dictionary of Republican China, Howard L. Boorman and Richard C. Howard
Reviewed by D. C. Twitchett

pp. 650-652

The Anatomy of China: An Introduction to One Quarter of Mankind, Dick Wilson
Reviewed by O. Edmund Clubb

pp. 652-653

Justice in Communist China, Shao-chuan Leng
Reviewed by John N. Hazard

pp. 653-654

Competitive Interference and Twentieth Century Diplomacy, Richard W. Cottam
Reviewed by Kenneth W. Thompson

pp. 654-656

Twelve Against Empire: The Anti-Imperialists, 1898-1900, Robert L. Beisner
Reviewed by Walter LaFeber

pp. 656-657

The World of Andrew Carnegie: 1865-1901, Louis M. Hacker
Reviewed by Robert Wiebe

pp. 657-658

Poverty and Politics: The Rise and Decline of the Farm Security Administration, Sidney Baldwin
Reviewed by Paul S. Taylor

pp. 659-660

Men Who Govern: A Biographical Profile of Federal Political Executives, David T. Stanley, Dean E. Mann and Jameson W. Doig
Reviewed by Francis E. Rourke

pp. 660-661

Party Leaders in the House of Representatives, Randall B. Ripley
Reviewed by Richard Bolling

pp. 661-662

Presidential Primaries: Road to the White House, James W. Davis
Reviewed by William C. Spragens

pp. 662-663

The 50 States and Their Local Governments, James W. Fesler
Reviewed by Neil Staebler

pp. 664-665

From Sacred to Profane America: The Role of Religion in American History, William A. Clebsch
Reviewed by Robert D. Cross

pp. 665-666

Prayer in the Public Schools: Law and Attitude Change, William K. Muir
Reviewed by Leo Pfeffer

pp. 666-667

American Legal Realism: Skepticism, Reform, and the Judicial Process, Wilfrid E. Rumble
Reviewed by Thurman Arnold

pp. 668-669

Labor Politics American Style: The California State Federation of Labor, Philip Taft
Reviewed by Carey McWilliams

pp. 669-672

Economic Failure, Alienation, and Extremism, Michael Aiken, Louis A. Ferman and Harold L. Sheppard
Reviewed by Melvin Seeman

pp. 672-673

The Doctor Shortage: An Economic Diagnosis, Rashi Fein ; Bargaining for Health: Labor Unions, Health Insurance, and Medical Care, Raymond Munts
Reviewed by Mal Schechter

pp. 674-675

Tom Rivers: Reflections on a Life in Medicine and Science an Oral History Memoir, Saul Benison
Reviewed by John T. Edsall

pp. 675-676

Harper's University: The Beginnings, A History of the University of Chicago, Richard J. Storr
Reviewed by R. Freeman Butts

pp. 677-678

The Concept of Representation, Hanna F. Pitkin
Reviewed by Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr.

pp. 678-680

Political Parties and Political Development, Myron Weiner and Joseph LaPalombara ; The American Party Systems: Stages of Political Development, William Nisbet Chambers and Walter Dean Burnham ; Political Parties and the Canadian Social Structure, Mildred A. Schwartz and Frederick C. Engelmann
Reviewed by Samuel C. Patterson

pp. 682-684

A World of Nations: Problems of Political Modernization, Dankwart A. Rustow
Reviewed by Rupert Emerson

pp. 685-686

An Economic History of Western Europe, 1945-1964, M. M. Postan
Reviewed by Rondo Cameron

pp. 686-687

1940: The Fall of France, André Beaufre, Desmond Flower and Basil Liddell Hart
Reviewed by Gordon Wright

pp. 687-688

The Resistance Versus Vichy: The Purge of Collaborators in Liberated France, Peter Novick
Reviewed by Eugen Weber

pp. 688-690

The Americans and the French, Crane Brinton ; The French, François Nourissier and Adrienne Foulke
Reviewed by Mark Kesselman

pp. 690-692

The French Communist Party and the Crisis of International Communism, François Fetjö
Reviewed by Robert Wohl

pp. 692-693

French Regional Planning, Niles M. Hansen
Reviewed by C. P. Kindleberger

pp. 693-695

Social Geography of British Elections, 1885-1910, Henry Pelling
Reviewed by Richard W. Lyman

pp. 695-696

The Blast of War, 1939-1945, Harold Macmillan
Reviewed by Philip P. Poirier

pp. 696-698

The Working-Class Tories, Eric A. Nordlinger
Reviewed by Leon D. Epstein

pp. 698-699

The Italian Anti-Fascist Press (1919-1945): From the Legal Opposition Press to the Underground Newspapers of World War II, Frank Rosengarten
Reviewed by John M. Cammett

pp. 699-700

Germany's Aims in the First World War, Hajo Holborn, James Joll and Fritz Fischer
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 700-702

Adenauer in der Rheinlandpolitik nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg, Karl Dietrich Erdmann
Reviewed by Hans W. Gatzke

pp. 702-704

Empirical Social Research in Germany, 1848-1914, Anthony Oberschall
Reviewed by David Kettler

pp. 704-705

The Sociology of Max Weber, Julien Freund
Reviewed by Reinhard Bendix

pp. 706-707

The Sociology of Marx, Henri Lefebvre and Norbert Guterman
Reviewed by T. B. Bottomore

pp. 707-708

History of the International, Vol. II: 1914-1943, Julius Braunthal and John Clark
Reviewed by Helmut Gruber

pp. 709-710

Russian Political Thought: An Introduction, Thornton Anderson
Reviewed by Janet Rabinowitch

pp. 711-712

Planning Reforms in the Soviet Union, 1962-1966, Eugène Zaleski, Marie-Christine MacAndrew and G. Warren Nutter

pp. 712-713

Political Protest in the Congo: The Parti Solidaire Africain during the Independence Struggle, Herbert F. Weiss
Reviewed by Colin Legum

pp. 714-715

Political Parties in French-Speaking West Africa, Ruth Schachter Morgenthau
Reviewed by L. Gray Cowan

pp. 715-717

Organized Labor and the Mexican Revolution under Lazaro Cardenas, Joe C. Ashby
Reviewed by Samuel L. Baily

pp. 717-718

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