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Volume 82 - Number 1 - March 1967

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Thomas Hobbes and Contemporary Political Theory

pp. 1-13

Nuclear Proliferation and American Policy
Robert L. Rothstein

pp. 14-34

Home Towns and State Administrators: South German Politics, 1815-30
Mack Walker

pp. 35-60

Convention Ratification of Federal Constitutional Amendments
Philip L. Martin

pp. 61-71

The Statutory Language of Labor Dispute Disqualification in State Employment Security Laws
Willard A. Lewis

pp. 72-87

The Icon and the Axe: An Interpretive History of Russian Culture, James H. Billington
Reviewed by Michael Cherniavsky

pp. 88-93

Soviet Strategies in Southeast Asia: An Exploration of Easter Policy under Lenin and Stalin, Charles B. McLane
Reviewed by Earl Browder

pp. 93-94

The Revolution of the Saints: A Study in the Origins of Radical Politics, Michael Walzer
Reviewed by Wallace T. MacCaffrey

pp. 94-96

John Bright: Victorian Reformer, Herman Ausubel
Reviewed by Asa Briggs

pp. 96-97

Alfred Deakin: A Biography, 2 Volumes, J. A. La Nauze
Reviewed by C. Hartley Grattan

pp. 98-99

Britain and Atomic Energy: 1939-1945, Margaret Gowing
Reviewed by Herbert Feis

pp. 99-101

British Defence Policy and Nuclear War, Emanuel J. de Kadt ; The Politics of British Defense Policy, 1945-1962, William P. Snyder
Reviewed by Walter Goldstein

pp. 101-102

Bedrohung und Bewahrung: Fuhrung und Bevolkerung in der Berlin Krise, Kurt L. Shell
Reviewed by Arnold J. Heidenheimer

pp. 103-104

Gesellschaft und Demokratie in Deutschland, Ralf Dahrendorf
Reviewed by Klaus Epstein

pp. 104-106

Le Congres de Tours, Annie Kriegel
Reviewed by William Savage

pp. 107-108

An Explanation of de Gaulle, Robert Aron and Marianne Sinclair
Reviewed by Eugen Weber

pp. 108-109

The Peacemakers: The Great Powers and American Independence, Richard B. Morris
Reviewed by Max Savelle

pp. 109-110

The Second American Party System: Party Formation in the Jacksonian Era, Richard P. McCormick
Reviewed by Shaw Livermore

pp. 111-112

Yankees and Samurai: America's Role in the Emergence of Modern Japan, 1791-1900, Foster Rhea Dulles ; The United States and the Hawaiian Kingdom: A Political History, Merze Tate
Reviewed by Richard W. Leopold

pp. 112-114

The War Diary of Breckinridge Long: Selections from the Years 1939-1944, Fred L. Israel
Reviewed by Frank Freidel

pp. 114-115

Protest: Sacco-Vanzetti and the Intellectuals, David Felix
Reviewed by Roger N. Baldwin

pp. 115-116

The New Deal and the Problem of Monopoly: A Study in Economic Ambivalence, Ellis W. Hawley
Reviewed by Donald Dewey

pp. 116-118

From Failing Hands: The Story of Presidential Succession, John D. Feerick
Reviewed by Birch Bayh

pp. 118-119

Foundations and Government: State and Federal Law and Supervision, Marion R. Fremont-Smith
Reviewed by Thomas C. Reeves

pp. 119-121

The Invisible Government, David Wise and Thomas B. Ross
Reviewed by Christopher Wright

pp. 121-123

Congress: The Sapless Branch, Joseph S. Clark ; Congressional Reform: Problems and Prospects, Joseph S. Clark
Reviewed by Hugh Douglas Price

pp. 123-124

The Elephants and the Grass: A Study of Nonalignment, Cecil V. Crabb ; The Troubled Partnership: A Re-appraisal of the Atlantic Alliance, Henry A. Kissinger
Reviewed by Hans J. Morgenthau

pp. 125-126

Scientific and Engineering Manpower in Communist China, 1949-1963, Chu-yuan Cheng
Reviewed by Howard L. Boorman

pp. 126-129

China and the Peace of Asia, Alastair Buchan
Reviewed by Tang Tsou

pp. 129-132

Religion and Politics in Burma, Donald Eugene Smith
Reviewed by E. R. Leach

pp. 132-133

The League of Arab States: A Study in the Dynamics of Regional Organization, Robert W. Macdonald
Reviewed by Malcolm Kerr

pp. 134-135

Anthologie de la Litterature arabe Contemporaine: Les essais, Anouar Abdel-Malek
Reviewed by Nikki Keddie

pp. 135-136

Urbanization and Migration in West Africa, Hilda Kuper
Reviewed by Esther Goody

pp. 136-138

Kenyatta's Country, Richard Cox
Reviewed by Barbette Blackington

pp. 138-139

Man's Nature and His Communities, Reinhold Niebuhr
Reviewed by John Plamenatz

pp. 139-141

The Pure Theory of Politics, Bertrand de Jouvenel
Reviewed by C. B. Macpherson

pp. 141-144

Gandhi and the Nuclear Age, Arne Naess
Reviewed by Mulford Q. Sibley

pp. 144-145

The Logic of Collective Action: Public Goods and the Theory of Groups, Mancur Olson
Reviewed by Earl Latham

pp. 145-148

Beyond the Nation-State: Functionalism and International Organization, Ernst B. Haas

pp. 148-150

The Yearbook of World Affairs, 1965, Frederick A. Praeger
Reviewed by Leland M. Goodrich

pp. 150-151

The Theory and Practice of War: Essays Presented to Captain B. H. Liddell Hart on his Seventieth Birthday, Michael Howard
Reviewed by Scott A. Boorman

pp. 151-153

The Management of Prosperity, Arthur F. Burns
Reviewed by Edwin G. Nourse

pp. 153-155

Three Worlds of Development: The Theory and Practice of International Stratification, Irving Louis Horowitz
Reviewed by Peter M. Worsley

pp. 155-156

Development Planning: The Essentials of Economic Policy, W. Arthur Lewis
Reviewed by Albert O. Hirschman

pp. 156-158

Human Behavior: An Inventory of Scientific Findings, Bernard Berelson and Gary A. Steiner
Reviewed by Patrick Suppes

pp. 158-159

On the Shoulders of Giants: A Shandean Postscript, Catherine Drinker Bowen and Robert K. Merton
Reviewed by Frank E. Manuel

pp. 159-161

The City Planning Process: A Political Analysis, Alan A. Altshuler
Reviewed by James Felt

pp. 161-162

Lawyers' Ethics: A Survey of the New York City Bar, Jerome E. Carlin
Reviewed by Emile Zola Berman

pp. 162-164

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