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Volume 81 - Number 4 - December 1966

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Understanding the Warren Court: Judicial Self-Restraint and Judicial Duty
Alpheus Thomas Mason

pp. 523-563

The Road to 1984
George Kateb

pp. 564-580

James F. Byrnes: Unwitting Yalta Myth-Maker
Athan Theoharis

pp. 581-592

Ethnic Fragmentation and Politics: The Case of Surinam
Peter Dodge

pp. 593-601

Thomas M. Cooley and the Interstate Commerce Commission: Continuity and Change in the Doctrine of Equal Rights
Alan Jones

pp. 602-627

The Responsible Electorate: Rationality in Presidential Voting, 1936-1960, V. O. Key and Milton C. Cummings
Reviewed by Philip E. Converse

pp. 628-633

Comparing Nations: The Use of Quantitative Data in Cross-National Research, Richard L. Merritt and Stein Rokkan
Reviewed by Herbert H. Hyman

pp. 633-636

Political Culture and Political Development, Lucian W. Pye and Sidney Verba
Reviewed by Guenther Roth

pp. 637-638

The Politics of Modernization, David E. Apter
Reviewed by A. F. K. Organski

pp. 638-640

Political Argument, Brian Barry
Reviewed by Felix E. Oppenheim

pp. 640-641

On Dealing with the Communist World, George F. Kennan
Reviewed by John Sparkman

pp. 641-643

The Obligations of Power: American Diplomacy in the Search for Peace, Harlan Cleveland
Reviewed by W. Randolph Burgess

pp. 643-645

The Paranoid Style in American Politics and Other Essays, Richard Hofstadter
Reviewed by H. J. Eysenck

pp. 645-646

The Social Structure of Revolutionary America, Jackson Turner Main
Reviewed by Jack P. Greene

pp. 646-649

The Poverty of Abundance: Hoover, the Nation, the Depression, Albert U. Romasco
Reviewed by Robert A. Divine

pp. 651-652

In Search of Peace: The Senate Munitions Inquiry, 1934-36, John E. Wiltz
Reviewed by Stanley Coben

pp. 652-653

The United States and Latin American Wars, 1932-1942, Bryce Wood
Reviewed by J. Fred Rippy

pp. 653-654

The De-Romanization of the American Catholic Church, Edward Wakin and Joseph F. Scheuer
Reviewed by Robert D. Cross

pp. 656-657

The Formative Years of Social Security, Arthur J. Altmeyer
Reviewed by Eveline M. Burns

pp. 658-660

Hoffa and the Teamsters: A Study of Union Power, Ralph C. James and Estelle Dinerstein James
Reviewed by David Brody

pp. 660-661

Negro Political Leadership in the South, Everett Carl Ladd
Reviewed by Arnold M. Rose

pp. 662-663

Obstacles to Change in Latin America, Claudio Veliz
Reviewed by John D. Wirth

pp. 663-665

Nationalism in Iran, Richard W. Cottam
Reviewed by Nikki R. Keddie

pp. 665-666

West-African Urbanization: A Study of Voluntary Associations in Social Change, Kenneth Little
Reviewed by Immanuel Wallerstein

pp. 666-667

Religion and Progress in Modern Asia, Robert N. Bellah
Reviewed by Thomas F. O'Dea

pp. 667-669

Vietnam: Between Two Truces, Jean Lacouture, Joseph Kraft, Konrad Kellen and Joel Carmichael
Reviewed by Helen B. Lamb

pp. 669-670

British Policy in India, 1858-1905, Sarvepalli Gopal
Reviewed by Frederic Eustis

pp. 670-671

American Aid and India's Economic Development, S. Chandrasekhar
Reviewed by Wilfred Malenbaum

pp. 672-673

The Correspondence of Edmund Burke, Volume V: July 1782-June 1789, Holden Furber and P. J. Marshall
Reviewed by Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr.

pp. 673-674

England, Europe and the Upper Nile, 1882-1899, G. N. Sanderson
Reviewed by Bernard Semmel

pp. 675-676

Doctors and the State: The British Medical Profession and Government Action in Public Health, 1870-1912, Jeanne L. Brand
Reviewed by Gert H. Brieger

pp. 676-677

The Fall of Paris: The Siege and the Commune of 1870-71, Alistair Horne
Reviewed by Charles Kadushin

pp. 677-679

Atomic Energy Policy in France Under the Fourth Republic, Lawrence Scheinman
Reviewed by Gordon Wright

pp. 679-680

Pius XII and the Third Reich: A Documentation, Saul Friedländer and Charles Fullman
Reviewed by Guenter Lewy

pp. 680-682

Soviet Military Policy: A Historical Analysis, Raymond L. Garthoff
Reviewed by Alfred Vagts

pp. 682-683

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