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Volume 30 - Number 1 - March 1915

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Theories of Social Organization and the Problem of International Peace
A. A. Tenney

pp. 1-14

Pennsylvania's Appropriations to Privately-Managed Charitable Institutions
Alexander Fleisher

pp. 15-36

Military Strategy Versus Diplomacy
Munroe Smith

pp. 37-81

South America and the Monroe Doctrine, 1824-1828
William Spence Robertson

pp. 82-105

Returns on Public Service Properties
John Bauer

pp. 106-133

Die okonomische Entwicklung Europas. Volume VII. Die Bauern als Eigentumer des Bodens in Frankreich vor der Revolution. Die Wirtschaftsmonopole und die Feudalrechte der Grundherren und ihre Beseitigung. Aufhebung der mittelalterlichen Standes- und Besitzordnung. Einfuhrung der Gleichen Erbfolge. Die Sakularisation der KIrchenguter. Die Aufhebung des Zehnten, M. Kowalewsky and A. Stein
Reviewed by Gaillard Lapsley

pp. 134-137

Studies in Taxation under John and Henry III, Sydney Knox Mitchell
Reviewed by Albert Beebe White

pp. 137-140

English Taxation 1640-1799, William Kennedy
Reviewed by Carl C. Plehn

pp. 140-143

The Nature and First Principle of Taxation, Robert Jones
Reviewed by C. J. Bullock

pp. 143-145

Principles of Economics, Alfred Marshall
Reviewed by B. M. Anderson

pp. 145-147

The Tinplate Industry, J. H. Jones
Reviewed by H. R. Mussey

p. 148

The Evolution of Industry, D. H. Macgregor
Reviewed by H. R. Mussey

pp. 149-150

Violence and the Labor Movement, Robert Hunter
Reviewed by F. A. Dewey

pp. 150-151

Child Labor in the United Kingdom, Frederic Keeling
Reviewed by A. G. Porritt

pp. 151-153

Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts, Willard C. Brinton
Reviewed by Robert E. Chaddock

pp. 153-156

Roman Imperialism, Tenney Frank
Reviewed by George Willis Botsford

pp. 157-161

With Mr. Chamberlain in the United States and Canada: 1887-1888, Willoughby Maycock
Reviewed by Edward Porritt

pp. 161-163

Sir George Etienne Cartier. His Life and Times, John Boyd
Reviewed by Edward Porritt

pp. 164-167

The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, J. Castell Hopkins
Reviewed by Edward Porritt

pp. 167-168

Municipal Charters. A Discussion of the Essentials of a City Charter with Forms or Models for Adoption, Nȧthan Matthews
Reviewed by Victor J. West

pp. 169-171

Progressive Democracy, Herbert Croly
Reviewed by J. Salwyn Schapiro

pp. 171-173

Applied History, Benjamin F. Shambaugh
Reviewed by Charles A. Beard

pp. 173-174

Egypt in Transition, Jean Lacouture, Simonne Lacouture and Francis Scarfe
Reviewed by R. L. Schuyler

pp. 174-177

The Cyclopedia of American Government, Albert Bushnell Hart and Andrew C. McLaughlin
Reviewed by E. M. Sait

pp. 177-178

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