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Volume 102 - Number 4 - Winter 1987-88

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The Post-Vietnam Formula under Siege: The Imperial Presidency and Central America
Kenneth E. Sharpe examines the impact of the Reagan administration's foreign policy on the post-Vietnam reforms meant to restore a balance between the President and Congress in foreign policy making.

pp. 549-569

Policy Politics: If we Can't Govern, Can we Manage?
Evelyn Z. Brodkin illuminates the character and far-reaching political implications of policy making that occur indirectly through administrative means. She considers whether this form of policy making constitutes an institutional adaptation to weaknesses in political mechanisms for resolving contentious policy issues.

pp. 571-587

Congress, Public Opinion, and Synfuels Policy
M. E. Ahrari examines the role of Congress and public opinion in the making and unraveling of American synfuels policy.

pp. 589-606

Decisions on American Armed Intervention: Lebanon, Dominican Republic, and Grenada
H.W. BRANDS, JR., analyzes three cases of American armed intervention: Lebanon in 1958, the Dominican Republic in 1965, and Grenada in 1983. He identifies similarities in the three applications of military force and offers suggestions for a theory of intervention.

pp. 607-624

The Electoral Connection Meets the Past: Lessons from Congressional History, 1789-1899
Elaine K. Swift uses current hypotheses about how career goals shape congressional behavior to see whether they apply to the 1789 to 1899 period in the House of Representatives. She finds that they do not.

pp. 625-645

Interest Groups and the White House under Roosevelt and Truman
Joseph A. Pika places the recent expansion of White House liaison with interest groups into historical context by examining the ties of Jewish and black groups with Presidents Roosevelt and Truman.

pp. 647-668

The 1988 Defense Budget, Joshua Epstein
Reviewed by Robert J. Art

pp. 669-671

Strategy and Force Planning: The Case of the Persian Gulf, Joshua M. Epstein
Reviewed by Manfred Halpern

pp. 673-674

Public Prayer and the Constitution: A Case Study in Constitutional Interpretation, Rodney K. Smith
Reviewed by Burke Marshall

pp. 674-675

The Future of American Strategy, David C. Hendrickson
Reviewed by Philip Dyer

pp. 675-677

Israel and the American National Interest: A Critical Examination, Cheryl A. Rubenberg
Reviewed by Aaron David Miller

pp. 677-678

Defending the Fringe: NATO, the Mediterranean, and the Persian Gulf, Jed C. Snyder
Reviewed by Ted Greenwood

pp. 679-680

China and the Third World: Champion or Challenger?, Lillian Craig Harris and Robert L. Worden
Reviewed by Steven I. Levine

pp. 680-681

Escalation and Intervention: Multilateral Security and Its Alternatives, Arthur R. Day and Michael W. Doyle
Reviewed by Donald J. Puchala

pp. 681-682

Security Interdependence in the Asia Pacific Region, James W. Morley
Reviewed by Yung Park

pp. 682-684

Strategic War Termination, Stephan J. Cimbala
Reviewed by Clifford Kupchan

pp. 684-685

The National Security: Its Theory and Practice, 1945-1960, Norman A. Graebner
Reviewed by Marc E. Smyrl

pp. 685-686

East Bank/West Bank: Jordan and the Prospects for Peace, Arthur R. Day
Reviewed by Lisa Anderson

pp. 687-688

The Iron Curtain: Churchill, America, and the Origins of the Cold War, Fraser J. Harbutt
Reviewed by Robert J. Bresler

pp. 688-689

Armed Truce: The Beginnings of the Cold War, 1945-46, Hugh Thomas
Reviewed by John Gimbel

pp. 689-690

Republicans and Vietnam, 1961-1968, Terry Dietz
Reviewed by H. Bradford Westerfield

pp. 691-692

Congress, Parliament and Defence: The Impact of Legislative Reform on Defence Accountability in Britain and America, Andrew Cox and Stephen Kirby
Reviewed by Charles A. Kupchan

pp. 692-693

Disciples of Destruction: The Religious Origins of War and Terrorism, Charles W. Sutherland
Reviewed by Lewis A. Coser

pp. 693-694

Borrowed Time: Artificial Organs and the Politics of Extending Lives, Alonzo L. Plough
Reviewed by Deborah A. Stone

pp. 694-696

Democratic Education, Amy Gutmann
Reviewed by Frank J. Macchiarola

pp. 696-697

In the Shadow of the Poorhouse: A Social History of Welfare in America, Michael B. Katz
Reviewed by Ira Katznelson

pp. 697-699

The Right to Life Movement and Third Party Politics, Robert J. Spitzer
Reviewed by William Crotty

pp. 699-700

Impact: How the Press Affects Federal Policymaking, Martin Linsky
Reviewed by Doris A. Graber

pp. 700-701

Storm Center: The Supreme Court in American Politics, David M. O'Brien
Reviewed by Jill Norgren

pp. 701-703

The Burger Years: Rights and Wrongs in the Supreme Court, 1969-1986, Herman Schwartz
Reviewed by Samuel Krislov

pp. 703-704

Punishment Without Walls: Community Service Sentences in New York City, Douglas Corry McDonald
Reviewed by Ester Fuchs

pp. 704-706

Women and Children Last: The Plight of Poor Women in Affluent America, Ruth Sidel
Reviewed by Barbara Levy Simon

pp. 706-707

The Party Period and Public Policy: American Politics from the Age of Jackson to the Progressive Era, Richard L. McCormick
Reviewed by Amy Bridges

pp. 707-708

Women, Public Opinion, and Politics: The Changing Political Attitudes of American Women, Keith T. Poole and L. Harmon Zeigler
Reviewed by Sue Tolleson Rinehart

pp. 708-709

Why Some Peoples are More Unemployed than Others: The Strange Paradox of Growth and Unemployment, Goran Therborn
Reviewed by Eli Ginzberg

pp. 710-711

Managing Ethnic Tensions in Multi-Ethnic Societies: Sri Lanka 1880-1985, K. M. de Silva ; Sri Lanka: Ethnic Fratricide and the Dismantling of Democracy, S. J. Tambiah
Reviewed by Robert C. Oberst

pp. 712-713

Duarte: My Story, José Napoleón Duarte and Diana Page
Reviewed by Enrique A. Baloyra

pp. 713-715

Post-Revolutionary Nicaragua: State, Class, and the Dilemmas of Agrarian Policy, Forrest D. Colburn
Reviewed by Lars Schoultz

pp. 715-716

East Germany and Detente: Building Authority after the Wall, A. James McAdams
Reviewed by Peter H. Merkl

pp. 717-718

Hungary and the Soviet Bloc, Charles Gati
Reviewed by Rasma Karklins

pp. 718-719

King Solomon's Mines Revisited: Western Interests and the Burdened History of Southern Africa, William Minter
Reviewed by J. Leo Cefkin

pp. 720-721

Oil, Turmoil, and Islam in the Middle East, Sheikh R. Ali
Reviewed by Frank Tachau

pp. 721-722

Stabilizing an Unstable Economy, A Twentieth Century Fund Report, Hyman P. Minsky
Reviewed by James K. Galbraith

pp. 722-723

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