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Volume 68 - Number 3 - September 1953

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The Decline of Political Theory
Alfred Cobban

pp. 321-337

Semi-Responsible Government in the British West Indies
Colin A. Hughes

pp. 338-353

Human Nature in American Thought
Merle Curti

pp. 354-375

Economic Development in India
Jerome B. Cohen

pp. 376-395

The Role of the Liberal Party in Recent Canadian Politics
Herbert F. Quinn

pp. 396-418

An Anthropological Approach to the Mau Mau Problem
Annette Rosenstiel

pp. 419-432

Robert Murray Haig

pp. 479-480

The Political System: An Inquiry into the State of Political Science, David Easton
Reviewed by Oliver Garceau

pp. 434-436

Why Democracy?, Alf Ross
Reviewed by J. B. Stewart

pp. 436-438

Catholic Political Thought, 1789-1848, BĂ©la Menczer
Reviewed by Bruce Mazlish

pp. 438-439

Reflections of an Australian Liberal, Frederic Eggleston
Reviewed by Mark Perlman

pp. 439-441

Shame and Glory of the Intellectuals: Babbitt Jr. vs. the Rediscovery of Values, Peter Viereck
Reviewed by Eugene O. Golob

pp. 441-443

International Trade and Economic Development, Jacob Viner
Reviewed by Theodore H. Boggs

pp. 443-445

A Study of Moneyflows in the United States, Morris A. Copeland
Reviewed by Clark Warburton

pp. 445-448

The Political Economy of Monopoly: Business, Labor and Government Policies, Fritz Machlup ; The Economics of Sellers' Competition: Model Analysis of Sellers' Conduct, Fritz Machlup
Reviewed by Donald W. O'Connell

pp. 448-450

The Dominion of Ceylon: The Development of its Laws and Constitutions, Ivor Jennings and H. W. Tambiah
Reviewed by Amry Vandenbosch

pp. 452-455

Raising the World's Standard of Living: The Coordination and Effectiveness of Point Four, United Nations Technical Assistance and Related Programs, Robert T. Mack
Reviewed by Samuel P. Hayes

pp. 455-456

The Russian Mind: From Peter the Great Through the Enlightenment, Stuart Ramsey Tompkins
Reviewed by Ernest J. Simmons

pp. 457-458

A Window on Red Square, Frank Rounds
Reviewed by John N. Hazard

pp. 458-459

Citizens of the World, Stringfellow Barr
Reviewed by Nathaniel Peffer

pp. 460-461

The Cambridge Economic History of Europe. Vol. II: Trade and Industry in the Middle Ages, M. Postan and E. E. Rich
Reviewed by John Mundy

pp. 461-464

German Nationalism: The Tragedy of a People. Extremism Contra Liberalism in Modern German History, Louis L. Snyder
Reviewed by Francis L. Loewenheim

pp. 464-465

Thomas Mifflin and the Politics of the American Revolution, Kenneth R. Rossman
Reviewed by Curtis Nettels

pp. 466-467

Politics and the Constitution in the History of the United States, William Winslow Crosskey
Reviewed by Lucius Wilmerding

pp. 467-470

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