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Volume 53 - Number 3 - September 1938

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James Bryce and the Academy of Political Science

pp. 321-327

The Assumptions of Democracy
Charles E. Merriam

pp. 328-349

The Social Honor Courts of Nazi Germany
Nathan Albert Pelcovits

pp. 350-371

The Economic Philosophy of Thomas Paine
Joseph Dorfman

pp. 372-386

Moulton's Theoretical Analysis
Henry Hilgard Villard

pp. 387-399

The Federalism of Karl Marlo and Konstantin Frantz
Arno Carl Coutinho

pp. 400-422

The Folklore of Capitalism, Thurman W. Arnold
Reviewed by Abbott Payson Usher

pp. 423-425

Price and Price Policies, Walton Hamilton
Reviewed by Arthur Robert Burns

pp. 425-428

Personal Income Taxation, Henry C. Simons
Reviewed by Paul H. Wueller

pp. 428-431

The Commercial Reciprocity Policy of the United States, 1774-1829, Vernon G. Setser
Reviewed by Louis Martin Sears

pp. 431-433

Wholesale Prices in Philadelphia, 1784-1861, Anne Bezanson, Robert D. Gray and Miriam Hussey
Reviewed by Robert T. Thompson

pp. 433-434

The Railway Interrelations of the United States and Canada, William J. Wilgus
Reviewed by Paul Wallace Gates

pp. 435-436

Our Ineffective State, William H. Hessler
Reviewed by Peter H. Odegard

pp. 436-438

Dreimal Osterreich, Kurt Schuschnigg
Reviewed by Hans Kohn

pp. 438-440

A Constitutional History of British Guiana, Cecil Clementi
Reviewed by Howard Robinson

pp. 440-441

When China Unites, Harry Gannes
Reviewed by Arthur N. Holcombe

pp. 441-442

Intelligence in Politics, Max Ascoli
Reviewed by C. Gordon Post

pp. 443-444

Fontes Juris Gentium: Tomus 2: Digest of the Diplomatic Correspondence of the European States, 1871-1878, Viktor Bruns ; Politische Vertrage: Eine Sammlung von Urkunden. Traites Politiques: Recueil de Documents. Tome ler: Garantiepakte, Bundnisse, Abkommen uber politische Zusammenarbeit, Nichtangriffs- und Neutralitatsver-trage der Nachkriegszeit. Traites de garantie, d'Alliance, de Collaboration politique, de non-Agression et de Neutralite conclus apres la guerre. Tome II: Materialien zur Entwicklung der Sicherheitsfrage im Rahmen des Volkerbundes. Documentation relative au developpement de la question de la securite dans le cadre de la Societe des Nations, Viktor Bruns
Reviewed by Philip C. Jessup

pp. 445-447

The Social Contract: A Critical Study of Its Development, J. W. Gough ; The Political Philosophy of Hobbes: Its Basis and Its Genesis, Leo Strauss and Elsa M. Sinclair ; History of Political Thought in Germany from 1789 to 1815, Reinhold Aris
Reviewed by George Catlin

pp. 447-450

Human Migration: A Study of International Movements, Donald R. Taft
Reviewed by Robert E. Chaddock

pp. 450-451

A Social Study of Pittsburgh: Community Problems and Social Services of Allegheny County, Philip Klein
Reviewed by F. Stuart Chapin

pp. 452-453

The Early Stuarts, 1603-1660, Godfrey Davies
Reviewed by Charles F. Mullett

pp. 454-455

Roman Britain and the English Settlements, R. G. Collingwood and J. N. L. Myres
Reviewed by Mason Hammond

pp. 455-457

The First Russian Revolution, 1825, Anatole G. Mazour
Reviewed by Jesse D. Clarkson

pp. 457-459

The Lives of Talleyrand, Crane Brinton
Reviewed by Leo Gershoy

pp. 459-461

The Press and World Affairs, Robert W. Desmond
Reviewed by Herbert Brucker

pp. 461-462

The Civil War and Reconstruction, J. G. Randall
Reviewed by Lester Burrell Shippee

pp. 462-464

Divided We Stand: The Crisis of a Frontierless Democracy, Walter Prescott Webb
Reviewed by John D. Hicks

pp. 464-466

Western Lands and The American Revolution, Thomas Perkins Abernethy
Reviewed by Max Savelle

pp. 469-470

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