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Volume 53 - Number 2 - June 1938

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Reorganization: Post Mortem Notes
Lindsay Rogers

pp. 161-172

Must it be War with Japan?
Paul T. Homan

pp. 173-185

The German Colonies and the Third Reich
Mary E. Townsend

pp. 186-206

Soviet State Farms II
W. Ladejinsky

pp. 207-232

Psychology in Economics
Sam A. Lewisohn

pp. 233-238

John Bates Clark, 1847-1938
James T. Shotwell

pp. 239-248

Italian Theories of Fiscal Science
Maria Luisa Boggeri, J. Wilner Sundelson

pp. 249-267

The Frontier as Safety Valve: A Rejoinder
Carter Goodrich, Sol Davison

pp. 268-271

President Wilson's Purgatory
David S. Muzzey

pp. 272-278

Grey of Falloden, George Macaulay Trevelyan
Reviewed by Preston Slosson

pp. 279-281

Goliath: The March of Fascism, G. A. Borgese
Reviewed by Michael T. Florinsky

pp. 281-284

The Third Reich, Edmond Vermeil and Maurice Baumont
Reviewed by Henry R. Spencer

pp. 284-286

The Power to Govern, Walton H. Hamilton and Douglass Adair
Reviewed by Joseph Dorfman

pp. 286-288

The Commerce Clause: Under Marshall, Taney and Waite, Felix Frankfurter
Reviewed by Forrest Revere Black

pp. 288-290

Competition and Cooperation: A Report of the Sub-Committee on Competitive- Cooperative Habits, of the Committee on Personality and Culture, Mark A. May and Leonard W. Doob
Reviewed by William N. Loucks

pp. 290-292

Money, Prices, and Wages in Valencia, Aragon, and Navarre, 1351-1500, Earl J. Hamilton
Reviewed by Eugene H. Byrne

pp. 292-293

Peace or War: The American Struggle, 1636-1936, Merle Curti
Reviewed by Allen R. Foley

pp. 294-295

The Tragic Fallacy: A Study of America's War Policies, Mauritz A. Hallgren
Reviewed by Julius W. Pratt

pp. 295-296

A History of the United States Since the Civil War, Ellis Paxson Oberholtzer
Reviewed by B. B. Kendrick

pp. 296-298

France To-day and the People's Front, Maurice Thorez and Emile Burns
Reviewed by Jacques M. Barzun

pp. 298-299

The United States and the Republic of Panama, William D. McCain
Reviewed by Dwight C. Miner

pp. 300-301

A History of the Press and Public Opinion in China, Lin Yutang
Reviewed by K. S. Latourette

pp. 301-302

A Diplomatic History of the Balkan Crisis of 1875-1878: The First Year, David Harris
Reviewed by Philip E. Mosely

pp. 302-304

Mustapha Kemal, Dictateur, Phillippe de Zara ; Revolutionary Turkey, H. Malik Evrenol ; L'Ultra-Popularisme: Philosophie Moderne de Kamal Ataturk, Djafer Tayyar
Reviewed by Hans Kohn

pp. 304-305

The American College and University: A Human Fellowship, Charles Franklin Thwing
Reviewed by Herbert E. Hawkes

pp. 305-306

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