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Volume 22 - Number 2 - June 1907

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Iron and Steel Bounties in Canada
Edward Porritt

pp. 193-223

Influences Affecting the Development of Thrift
Alvin S. Johnson

pp. 224-244

Radical Democracy in France. III
W. M. Sloane

pp. 245-266

Formosa: Japan's First Colony
Seiji Hishida

pp. 267-281

Frederic William Maitland

pp. 282-296

Recent Reports on State and Local Taxation

pp. 297-314

Record of Political Events
Paul L. Haworth

pp. 359-384

Au Japon et en Extreme-Orient, Felicien Challaye ; Paix Japonaise, Louis Aubert ; La Chine novatrice et guerriere, Captain D'Ollone ; Le Siam et les Siamois, E. Lunet de Lajonquière ; The Far Eastern Tropics, Alleyne Ireland
Reviewed by F. J. Goodnow

pp. 315-319

Britischer Imperialismus und englischer Freihandel zu Beginn des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts, G. von Schulze-Gaevernitz
Reviewed by Alvin S. Johnson

pp. 319-322

Queen Elizabeth and the Levant Company, H. G. Rosedale
Reviewed by Susan M. Kingsbury

pp. 323-325

Correspondence of William Pitt with Colonial Governors, Gertrude Selwyn Kimball
Reviewed by Herbert L. Osgood

pp. 326-328

The Development of Freedom of the Press in Massachusetts, Clyde Augustus Duniway
Reviewed by Henry R. Spencer

pp. 328-331

Twenty Years of the Republic, 1885-1905, Harry Thurston Peck
Reviewed by Paul Leland Haworth

pp. 331-333

The Law of Railroad Rate Regulation, Joseph Henry Beale and Bruce Wyman
Reviewed by Roberts Walker

pp. 333-335

Regulation of Commerce under the Federal Constitution, Thomas H. Calvert
Reviewed by E. Parmalee Prentice

pp. 336-337

Industrial Combination, D. H. Macgregor
Reviewed by Henry L. Moore

pp. 337-339

Staatliche Theorie des Geldes, Georg Friedrich Knapp
Reviewed by A. C. Whitaker

pp. 339-343

Das Verhaltniss der deutschen Grossbanken zur Industrie mit besonderer Beruksichtigung der Eisenindustrie, Otto Jeidels

pp. 343-346

Histoire de la Banque d'Angleterre, A. Andréadès ; Das englische Bankwesen, Edgar Jaffé
Reviewed by David Kinley

pp. 346-348

Questions agricoles d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, Daniel Zolla
Reviewed by Royal Meeker

pp. 350-351

The Labour Movement in Australasia, Victor S. Clark
Reviewed by Leonard W. Hatch

pp. 353-355

Elements of Political Science, Stephen Leacock
Reviewed by C. E. Merriam

pp. 355-356

Applied Sociology, Lester F. Ward
Reviewed by Edward Alsworth Ross

pp. 356-358

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