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Volume 14 - Number 3 - September 1899

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Thomas Paine's Political Theories
C. E. Merriam

pp. 389-403

Anarchistic Crimes
Gustavo Tosti

pp. 404-417

Bismarck's Apprenticeship
William M. Sloane

pp. 418-443

Government Loans to Farmers
C. F. Emerick

pp. 444-469

The Distribution of Property Taxes Between City and Country. II
Max West

pp. 470-499

Paul Deschanel--A Politician with a Social Program
John Graham Brooks

pp. 500-510

Notes on the Development of American Civil Church Law
George James Bayles

pp. 511-520

China in Transformation, Archibald R. Colquhoun
Reviewed by Francis B. Forbes

pp. 521-523

The Philippine Islands and their People, Dean C. Worcester
Reviewed by Munroe Smith

p. 524

Il Governo Locale Inglese e le sue Relazioni con la vita Nazionale, Pietro Bertolini
Reviewed by F. J. Goodnow

pp. 525-526

England in the Age of Wycliffe, George Macaulay Trevelyan
Reviewed by George Louis Beer

pp. 526-527

A Constitutional History of the American People (1776-1850), Francis Newton Thorpe ; The True History of the Missouri Compromise and its Repeal, Archibald Dixon ; A History of the Presidency, Edward Stanwood
Reviewed by J. W. Burgess

pp. 527-530

The Philosophical Theory of the State, Bernard Bosanquet

pp. 530-533

Outline of Practical Sociology, with Special Reference to American Conditions, Carroll D. Wright
Reviewed by A. F. Weber

pp. 533-535

Theoretische Socialokonomik, Heinrich Dietzel
Reviewed by T. N. Carver

pp. 535-536

Value and Distribution, Lewis H. Haney
Reviewed by John B. Clark

pp. 536-539

Histoire des Doctrines Economiques, Joseph Rambaud ; Recherches sur l'Histoire de l'economie Politique, Ernest Nys
Reviewed by E. R. A. Seligman

pp. 539-541

Cotton: Its Uses, Varieties, Fibre Structure, Cultivation, and Preparation for the Market and as an Article of Commerce; also the Manufacture of Cotton-Seed Oil, Cotton-Seed Meal and Fertilizers; with Especial Reference to Cotton Growing, Ginning and Oil Pressing in the United State, C. P. Brooks
Reviewed by M. B. Hammond

pp. 545-547

La Participation aux Benefices, Maurice Vanlaer ; Le Metayage et la Particpation aux benefices, Roger Merlin ; Labor Copartnership, Henry Demarest Lloyd
Reviewed by Nicholas P. Gilman

pp. 547-549

The Financial History of Baltimore, J. H. Hollander
Reviewed by E. Dana Durand

pp. 550-551

The British Taxpayers' Rights, H. Lloyd Reid
Reviewed by W. M. Daniels

pp. 552-553

John Ruskin, Social Reformer, J. A. Hobson
Reviewed by John Graham Brooks

pp. 553-554

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