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Volume 98 - Number 1 - Spring 1983

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American Domestic Priorities and the Demands of Alliance
David P. Calleo examines the degree to which America's domestic political priorities interfere with its foreign obligations, particularly its alliances with Western Europe.

pp. 1-15

The Political Party System in Sri Lanka
Robert N. Kearney traces the evolution of the political party system of Sri Lanka since independence. He concludes that institutionalization has advanced rapidly, with a growing tendency toward polarization of voter support between two major opposing parties.

pp. 17-33

Caveat Emptor in Health Care
Bonita A. Wlodkowski's review essay of The Economics and Politics of Health and A New Approach to the Economics of Health Care discusses the performance of regulatory policies in controlling health care costs. She also critically appraises the theoretical and current political appeal of market-oriented approaches to health care cost containment.

pp. 35-45

State and Local Governments under Federal Grants: Toward a Predictive Theory
Richard P. Nathan summarizes the principal theoretical lessons from ten years of field evaluations of federal grants-in-aid and of their cutback under the Reagan administration.

pp. 47-57

DOD's Office of International Security Affairs: The Brief Ascendancy of an Advisory System
Geoffrey Piller examines the Defense Department's Office of International Security Affairs, showing how it rose to a very high level of influence in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and fell to relative obscurity under Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter.

pp. 59-78

Forward-Based Nuclear Weapons and SALT I
STEPHEN M. MILLET reviews the history of the negotiations of SALT I with emphasis on the forward-based systems (FBS) issue, highlighting contrasting Soviet and American perceptions of security.

pp. 79-97

Corporatism, the NRA, and the Oil Industry
Donald R. Brand analyzes the regulation of the oil industry under the National Recovery Administration. He argues that the NRA was an example of democratic corporatism in which government bureaucrats promoted the interests and organization of small business at the expense of big business.

pp. 99-118

Strategies of Containment: A Critical Appraisal of Postwar American National Security Policy, John Lewis Gaddis
Reviewed by Lloyd Gardner

pp. 119-120

The Chariot of Israel: Britain, America, and the State of Israel, Harold Wilson
Reviewed by Mark Hamilton Lytle

pp. 120-121

Sadat, David Hirst and Irene Beeson
Reviewed by Raymond William Baker

pp. 121-123

Mussolini, Anthony James Joes ; Mussolini Unleashed, 1939-1941: Politics and Strategy in Fascist Italy's Last War, MacGregor Knox ; Mussolini, Denis Mack Smith
Reviewed by Joseph LaPalombara

pp. 123-125

The Superpowers and Regional Tensions: The USSR, the United States, and Europe, William E. Griffith
Reviewed by Bruce D. Porter

pp. 125-126

The Imperious Economy, David P. Calleo
Reviewed by Michael J. Hogan

pp. 126-127

Foreign Policy Making in Times of Crisis, John R. Oneal
Reviewed by Paul Zigman

pp. 128-129

Economists in Government: An International Comparative Study, A. W. Coats, ed.
Reviewed by Robert B. Reich

pp. 129-130

Trade and Aid: Eisenhower's Foreign Economic Policy, 1953-1961, Burton I. Kaufman
Reviewed by Robert M. Stern

pp. 130-131

Political Tolerance and American Democracy, John L. Sullivan, James Piereson and George E. Marcus
Reviewed by Lee Sigelman

pp. 131-132

America's Impasse: The Rise and Fall of the Politics of Growth, Alan Wolfe
Reviewed by James O'Connor

pp. 133-134

Taking Care of the Law, Griffin B. Bell and Ronald J. Ostrom
Reviewed by Francis H. Heller

pp. 134-135

The Speculator: Bernard M. Baruch in Washington, 1917-1965, Jordan A. Schwarz
Reviewed by Sidney Ratner

pp. 135-136

U. S. Arms Sales: The China-Taiwan Tangle, A. Doak Barnett
Reviewed by Warren I. Cohen

pp. 136-138

Pawns of Yalta: Soviet Refugees and America's Role in Their Repatriation, Mark R. Elliott
Reviewed by Alexander Dallin

pp. 138-139

Keeping a Finger on the Public Pulse: Private Polling and Presidential Elections, Bruce E. Altschuler
Reviewed by Doris A. Graber

pp. 139-140

The Modern American Vice Presidency: The Transformation of a Political Institution, Joel K. Goldstein
Reviewed by Richard M. Pious

pp. 140-141

Implementing Public Policy, Dennis J. Palumbo and Marvin A. Harder, eds.
Reviewed by Richard F. Elmore

pp. 141-142

Interest Groups in the United States, Graham K. Wilson
Reviewed by Marcus D. Pohlmann

pp. 143-144

Women and Public Policies, Joyce Gelb and Marian Lief Palley
Reviewed by Sarah Slavin

pp. 144-145

Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism, Bell Hooks
Reviewed by Linda M. Perkins

pp. 145-146

Out To Work: A History of Wage-Earning Women in the United States, Alice Kessler-Harris
Reviewed by Alice H. Amsden

pp. 146-148

European Women on the Left: Socialism, Feminism, and the Problems Faced by Political Women, 1880 to the Present, Jane Slaughter and Robert Kern ; Women and American Socialism, 1870-1920, Mari Jo Buhle
Reviewed by Annette K. Baxter

pp. 148-149

Norman Street: Poverty and Politics in an Urban Neighborhood, Ida Susser
Reviewed by Edward T. Rogowsky

pp. 150-151

The New Subversives: Anti-Americanism of the Religious Right, Daniel C. Maguire
Reviewed by Michael Lienesch

pp. 151-152

Compromised Compliance: Implementation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Howard Ball, Dale Krane and Thomas P. Lauth
Reviewed by D. Garth Taylor

pp. 152-153

Jobs for Disadvantaged Workers: The Economics of Employment Subsidies, John L. Palmer and Robert H. Haveman
Reviewed by Eileen Sullivan

pp. 153-154

The Politics of Urban Personnel Policy: Reformers, Politicians and Bureaucrats, Wilbur C. Rich
Reviewed by Frank J. Thompson

pp. 155-156

Ethnicity and Public Policy, Winston A. Van Horne and Thomas V. Tonnesen
Reviewed by Dianne M. Pinderhughes

pp. 156-157

The Ideology of Administration: American and Soviet Cases, Michael E. Urban
Reviewed by Christopher Osakwe

pp. 157-158

Britain Against Itself: The Political Contradictions of Collectivism, Samuel H. Beer
Reviewed by Andrew Gamble

pp. 159-160

The Other European Community: Integration and Co-operation in Nordic Europe, Barry Turner and Gunilla Nordquist
Reviewed by Bengt Sundelius

pp. 160-161

Years of Wrath, Days of Glory: Memoirs from the Irgun, Yitshaq Ben-Ami
Reviewed by Paul S. Wolpe

pp. 161-162

Who Voted for Hitler?, Richard F. Hamilton
Reviewed by Christoph M. Kimmich

pp. 162-163

The Third World in Soviet Military Thought, Mark N. Katz
Reviewed by Gerald Segal

pp. 163-164

Stalin's American Policy: From Entente to Detente to Cold War, William Taubman
Reviewed by Gordon B. Smith

pp. 165-166

South Africa: The Prospects of Peaceful Change, Theodor Hanf, Heribert Weiland and Gerda Vierdag
Reviewed by John Stone

pp. 166-167

Genocide: Its Political Use in the Twentieth Century, Leo Kuper
Reviewed by James Turner Johnson

pp. 167-169

Modernization and the Working Class: The Politics of Legitimacy, Carlos H. Waisman
Reviewed by Jan Smith

pp. 169-170

The New Nationalism and the Use of Common Spaces: Issues in Marine Pollution and the Exploration of Antarctica, Johnathan I. Charney
Reviewed by Edith Brown Weiss

pp. 170-171

Underdevelopment and the Transition to Socialism: Mozambique and Tanzania, James H. Mittelman
Reviewed by James Pletcher

pp. 171-172

Inside the Iranian Revolution, John D. Stempel
Reviewed by Lewis Brownstein

pp. 172-174

U.S.-Mexican Energy Relationships, Jerry R. Ladman, Deborah J. Baldwin and Elihu Bergman
Reviewed by Yale H. Ferguson

pp. 174-175

The CIA in Guatemala: The Foreign Policy of Intervention, Richard H. Immerman
Reviewed by James Petras

pp. 175-176

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