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Volume 90 - Number 2 - Summer 1975

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Election Campaign Financing: The 1974 Reforms
David Adamany, George Agree

pp. 201-220

Bipartisanship, Senator Taft, and the Truman Administration
Henry W. Berger

pp. 221-237

Hanoi's Three Decisions and the Escalation of the Vietnam War
King C. Chen

pp. 239-259

The Double Standard of Constitutional Protection in the Era of the Welfare State
Richard Funston

pp. 261-287

"Human" Rights vs. "Property" Rights: A Comment on the "Double Standard"
Henry J. Abraham

pp. 288-292

American Businessmen and Foreign Policy: The Recognition of Mexico, 1920- 1923
N. Stephen Kane

pp. 293-313

The Role of Trade Unions in Poland
Howard T. Ludlow

pp. 315-324

The Real America: A Surprising Examination of the State of the Union, Ben J. Wattenberg and Richard M. Scammon
Reviewed by James L. Sundquist

pp. 325-326

Jaws of Victory: The Game-Plan Politics of 1972, the Crisis of the Republican Party, and the Future of the Constitution, Clifford W. Brown, Jr.
Reviewed by Everett Carll Ladd

pp. 326-328

Political Promises: Essays and Commentary on American Politics, Nelson W. Polsby
Reviewed by Earl Latham

pp. 329-331

Jews and American Politics, Stephen D. Isaacs
Reviewed by Lawrence H. Fuchs

pp. 331-332

Charles E. Merriam and the Study of Politics, Barry D. Karl
Reviewed by Harold D. Lasswell

pp. 332-334

No Final Victories: A Life in Politics from John F. Kennedy to Watergate, Lawrence F. O'Brien
Reviewed by Edward N. Costikyan

pp. 334-335

Congress: The Electoral Connection, David R. Mayhew
Reviewed by Benjamin I. Page

pp. 335-337

Foreign Policy and the Bureaucratic Process: The State Department's Country Director System, William I. Bacchus ; The Politics of Foreign Aid, John White
Reviewed by Henry M. Wriston

pp. 337-339

Energy Taxes and Subsidies, Gerard M. Brannon
Reviewed by Nina W. Cornell

pp. 340-341

Partial Justice: A Study of Bias in Sentencing, Willard Gaylin
Reviewed by Herbert Jacob

pp. 341-342

State Legislative Innovation: Case Studies of Washington, Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, and California, James A. Robinson ; Legislative Performance in the States: Exploration of Committee Behavior, Alan Rosenthal
Reviewed by Donald Haider

pp. 342-345

Political Woman, Melville Currell
Reviewed by Jo Freeman

pp. 345-347

Power in the City: Decision Making in San Francisco, Frederick M. Wirt
Reviewed by Lorenzo Morris

pp. 347-348

Race Relations and the New York City Commission on Human Rights, Gerald Benjamin
Reviewed by Eleanor Holmes Norton

pp. 348-350

Race in the City: Political Trust and Public Policy in the New Urban System, Joel D. Aberbach and Jack L. Walker
Reviewed by Francine F. Rabinovitz

pp. 350-351

The Working-Class Majority, Andrew Levison
Reviewed by Norman I. Fainstein

pp. 351-353

The Appearance of Justice, John P. MacKenzie
Reviewed by Williams J. Cibes

pp. 353-355

The Wound Within: America in the Vietnam Years, 1954-1974, Alexander Kendrick
Reviewed by Murray Polner

pp. 355-356

The Troubled Encounter: The United States and Japan, Charles E. Neu
Reviewed by Roger Dingman

pp. 356-357

The Cold War Begins: Soviet-American Conflict over Eastern Europe, Lynn Etheridge Davis
Reviewed by Lisle A. Rose

pp. 358-359

The Nuclear Trap: An Escape Route, Robert E. Walters
Reviewed by George H. Quester

pp. 359-360

The Thin Blue Line: International Peacekeeping and Its Future, Indar Jit Rikhye, Michael Harbottle and Bjorn Egge
Reviewed by George L. Sherry

pp. 360-363

Nonintervention and the International Order, R. J. Vincent
Reviewed by Robert S. Wood

pp. 363-364

The Maturing of Multinational Enterprise: American Business Abroad from 1914 to 1970, Mira Wilkins
Reviewed by Robert G. Hawkins

pp. 364-366

Political Learning, Political Choice, and Democratic Citizenship, Robert Weissberg
Reviewed by Roberta S. Sigel

pp. 366-367

Psychological Needs and Political Behavior, Stanley Allen Renshon
Reviewed by Wilbur C. Rich

pp. 367-369

A Theory of Conflict, Brian Crozier
Reviewed by Lewis A. Coser

pp. 369-370

Population Policy in Developed Countries, Bernard Berelson
Reviewed by Myron Weiner

pp. 370-372

Electoral Behavior: A Comparative Handbook, Richard Rose
Reviewed by William Schneider

pp. 373-375

Canada's War: The Politics of the Mackenzie King Government, 1939-45, J. L. Granatstein
Reviewed by Richard A. Preston

pp. 376-377

British Cabinet Ministers: The Roles of Politicians in Executive Office, Bruce Headey
Reviewed by Leon D. Epstein

pp. 377-379

Black British, White British, Dilip Hiro
Reviewed by Ira Katznelson

pp. 379-380

French International Policy under De Gaulle and Pompidou: The Politics of Grandeur, Edward A. Kolodziej
Reviewed by Roy C. Macridis

pp. 380-382

Small Powers in Alignment, O. De Raeymaeker, W. Andries, L. Grollen, H. De Fraye and F. Govaerts
Reviewed by Annette Baker Fox

pp. 383-384

The Russian Dilemma: A Political and Geopolitical View, Robert G. Wesson
Reviewed by Saul B. Cohen

pp. 384-386

Latin America: The Struggle with Dependency and Beyond, Ronald H. Chilcote and Joel C. Edelstein
Reviewed by Barbara Stallings

pp. 386-387

Protest and Response in Mexico, Evelyn P. Stevens
Reviewed by Patricia Weiss Fagen

pp. 388-389

Guatemala, Susanne Jonas and David Tobias
Reviewed by Peter Winn

pp. 389-391

Ben-Gurion: State-Builder, Avraham Avi-hai
Reviewed by Sylvia Kowitt Crosbie

pp. 391-392

The Middle East in World Politics: A Study in Contemporary International Relations, Tareq Y. Ismael
Reviewed by O. M. Smolansky

pp. 392-393

The Executive in African Governments, Bereket H. Selassie
Reviewed by Francis X. Sutton

pp. 394-395

China's Policy in Africa 1958-1971, Alaba Ogunsanwo
Reviewed by Edward Friedman

pp. 395-397

General Elections in South Africa, 1943-1970, Kenneth A. Heard ; South Africa: Economic Growth and Political Change, Adrian Leftwich
Reviewed by John Stone

pp. 397-399

Transition in Africa: From Direct Rule to Independence, James Robertson
Reviewed by L. Gray Cowan

pp. 400-401

The Politics of State Formation: The Nature and Effects of Colonialism in Uganda, Tarsis B. Kabwegyere
Reviewed by James H. Mittelman

pp. 401-402

Mainsprings of Indian and Pakistani Foreign Policies, S. M. Burke
Reviewed by Lawrence Ziring

pp. 403-404

Urban Politics in India: Area, Power, and Policy in a Penetrated System, Rodney W. Jones
Reviewed by Philip Oldenburg

pp. 405-406

The Sea Change: The Migration of Social Thought, 1930-1965, Stuart Hughes
Reviewed by Henry Pachter

pp. 406-407

Hegel's Theory of the Modern State, Shlomo Avineri
Reviewed by Z. A. Pelczynski

pp. 407-409

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