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Volume 9 - Number 3 - September 1894

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The Relations of the City and the State of New York
A. C. Bernheim

pp. 377-402

The Law of the Administration in America
Ernst Freund

pp. 403-425

Assimilation of Nationalities in the United States. I
Richmond Mayo-Smith

pp. 426-444

New Wealth: A Study of the Source of Income
William Smart

pp. 445-465

Camorra, Maffia and Brigandage
S. Merlino

pp. 466-485

Capitalistic Monopolies and Their Relation to the State
Jeremiah W. Jenks

pp. 486-509

The Question of Universities in France

pp. 510-538

Orations and Addresses of George William Curtis, Charles Eliot Norton
Reviewed by John Bassett Moore

pp. 539-542

Staatenbund und Bundesstaat, J. B. Westerkamp
Reviewed by Albert Bushnell Hart

pp. 542-545

Sources of the Constitution of the United States, considered in Relation to Colonial and English History, C. Ellis Stevens
Reviewed by Harry A. Cushing

pp. 545-547

Commentaries on the Law of Public Corporations, Charles Fisk Beach ; A Treatise on the Negligence of Municipal Corporations, Dwight Arven Jones
Reviewed by F. J. Goodnow

pp. 547-551

Tratado de Derecho Politico, Adolfo Posada
Reviewed by J. M. Littlejohn

pp. 552-554

The Development of the Athenian Constitution, George Willis Botsford
Reviewed by A. C. Merriam

pp. 554-555

Labor and the Popular Welfare, W. H. Mallock
Reviewed by Roeliff M. Breckenridge

pp. 555-557

The Organization of Charities, Daniel C. Gilman
Reviewed by Richmond Mayo-Smith

pp. 557-558

Wirthschaftliche Fragen und Probleme der Gegenwart, Emanuel Herrmann
Reviewed by A. G. Warner

pp. 559-561

Social England, H. D. Traill
Reviewed by W. J. Ashley

pp. 562-566

Philanthropy and Social Progress, Henry C. Adams, Franklin H. Giddings, Bernard Bosanquet, Jane Addams, Robert A. Woods and J. O. S. Huntington ; Bibliography of College, University and Social Settlements, M. Katharine Jones
Reviewed by Max West

pp. 566-567

The Distribution of Wealth, Thomas Nixon Carver
Reviewed by Richmond Mayo-Smith

pp. 568-572

Ueber Wert, Kapital und Rente, Knut Wicksell ; Die Lehre vom Wert, Moriz Naumann
Reviewed by John B. Clark

pp. 572-574

The Condition of the Western Farmer, as Illustrated by the Economic History of a Nebraska Township, Arthur F. Bentley
Reviewed by Victor Rosewater

pp. 574-575

Die Grundzuge der Finanzwissenschaft, Wilhelm Vocke
Reviewed by E. R. A. Seligman

pp. 575-576

Revue du Droit Public et de la Science Politique en France et a l'Etranger, Ferdinand Larnaude

pp. 576-577

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