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Volume 84 - Number 1 - March 1969

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The Right Against Self-Incrimination: History and Judicial History
Leonard W. Levy

pp. 1-29

Social Mobilization, Political Participation, and the Rise of Juan Peron
Peter H. Smith

pp. 30-49

Small Population as a Political Handicap to National Development
Donald B. Keesing

pp. 50-60

The Negro and the New Freedom: Fighting Wilsonian Segregation
Nancy J. Weiss

pp. 61-79

Intelligentsia versus Reason of State
Alfred Vagts

pp. 80-105

Libel and Academic Freedom: A Law Suit Against Political Extremists, Arnold M. Rose
Reviewed by Osmond K. Fraenkel

pp. 106-108

The Political Life of American Teachers, Harmon Zeigler
Reviewed by William C. Spragens

pp. 108-109

Power, Presidents, and Professors, Nicholas J. Demerath, Richard W. Stephens and R. Robb Taylor
Reviewed by Amos H. Hawley

pp. 109-110

The Younger John Winthrop, Robert C. Black
Reviewed by Frederick B. Tolles

pp. 110-111

The Origins of American Politics, Bernard Bailyn
Reviewed by Caroline Robbins

pp. 111-113

The British Empire before the American Revolution. Volume XIII: The Triumphant Empire--Part I, The Empire Beyond the Storm, 1770-1776; Part II, A Summary of the Series; Part III, Historiography, Lawrence Henry Gipson
Reviewed by Alden Vaughan

pp. 113-114

The Papers of Alexander Hamilton, Vol. XII: July-Oct. 1792, Vol. XIII: Nov. 1792-Feb. 1793, Harold C. Syrett and Jacob E. Cooke
Reviewed by Broadus Mitchell

pp. 114-116

Between Two Worlds: Policy, Press, and Public Opinion in Asian-American Relations, John Hohenberg ; The Opinionmakers: The Washington Press Corps, William L. Rivers
Reviewed by Bernard C. Cohen

pp. 116-117

The United States in World Affairs: 1966, Richard P. Stebbins ; Documents on American Foreign Relations: 1966, Richard P. Stebbins and Elaine P. Adam
Reviewed by Cecil V. Crabb

pp. 118-119

England and the Fronde: The Impact of the English Civil War and Revolution on France, Philip A. Knachel
Reviewed by Orest Ranum

pp. 119-120

Parliament, Parties, and Society in France: 1946-1958, Duncan MacRae
Reviewed by Philip M. Williams

pp. 120-121

The Rise of Fascism, Francis L. Carsten
Reviewed by Gerhard L. Weinberg

pp. 122-123

Munich: "Peace in Our Time", Henri Noguères and Patrick O'Brian
Reviewed by Herbert Feis

pp. 123-124

The Coming of the Italian-Ethiopian War, George W. Baer
Reviewed by C. L. Mowat

pp. 124-125

The Russian Revolution of 1905: The Workers' Movement and the Formation of Bolshevism and Menshevism, Solomon M. Schwarz and Gertrude Vakar ; Prelude to Revolution: The Petrograd Bolsheviks and the July 1917 Uprising, Alexander Rabinowitch
Reviewed by Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

pp. 126-127

Russia 1917: The February Revolution, George Katkov
Reviewed by Alexander Rabinowitch

pp. 127-129

Eastern Europe in Transition, Kurt London
Reviewed by Henry Krisch

pp. 129-130

Poland's Politics: Idealism vs. Realism, Adam Bromke
Reviewed by Joseph Rothschild

pp. 130-132

Evolution and Society: A Study in Victorian Social Theory, J. W. Burrow
Reviewed by Kenneth E. Bock

pp. 132-134

A Sociology of English Religion, David Martin
Reviewed by J. Milton Yinger

pp. 134-135

No End of a Lesson: The Inside Story of the Suez Crisis, Anthony Nutting
Reviewed by Ernest Stock

pp. 136-137

The Road to Jerusalem: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1967, Walter Laqueur ; Israel and World Politics: Roots of the Third Arab-Israeli War, Theodore Draper
Reviewed by O. M. Smolansky

pp. 137-139

Friends Not Masters, Mohammad Ayub Khan
Reviewed by Wayne Wilcox

pp. 139-140

Succession to High Office, Jack Goody
Reviewed by Terence K. Hopkins

pp. 140-143

British Honduras: Colonial Dead End, 1859-1900, Wayne M. Clegern
Reviewed by Robert J. Alexander

pp. 143-145

Death in Life: Survivors of Hiroshima, Robert Jay Lifton
Reviewed by Bruno Bettelheim

pp. 145-147

Formosa, China, and the United Nations: Formosa in the World Community, Harold D. Lasswell and Lung-chu Chen

pp. 147-151

Francis Bacon: From Magic to Science, Paolo Rossi and Sacha Rabinovitch
Reviewed by J. Bronowski

pp. 151-152

Max Scheler, 1874-1928: An Intellectual Portrait, John Raphael Staude
Reviewed by Kurt H. Wolff

pp. 152-154

The Principles of Politics, J. R. Lucas
Reviewed by M. M. Goldsmith

pp. 156-157

Party Systems and Voter Alignments: Cross-National Perspectives, Stein Rokkan and Seymour M. Lipset
Reviewed by Leon D. Epstein

pp. 158-159

The Cold War as History, Louis J. Halle
Reviewed by Paul Seabury

pp. 159-160

Economic Nationalism in Old and New States, Harry G. Johnson
Reviewed by Arthur Robert Burns

pp. 160-162

The Common Aid Effort: The Development Assistance Activities of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Milton J. Esman and Daniel S. Cheever
Reviewed by Doris A. Graber

pp. 162-163

The Economics of Development in Small Countries with Special Reference to the Caribbean, William G. Demas
Reviewed by Lloyd Best

pp. 163-165

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