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Volume 83 - Number 2 - June 1968

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Interventionism, Liberalism, and Power-Politics: The Unfinished Revolution in International Thinking
Wolfgang Friedmann

pp. 169-189

Epidemiology and the Slave Trade
Philip D. Curtin

pp. 190-216

From Resentment to Confrontation: The Police, the Negroes, and the Outbreak of the Nineteen-Sixties Riots
Robert M. Fogelson

pp. 217-247

American Military Government and the Education of a New German Leadership
John Gimbel

pp. 248-267

Jean Bodin on Taxes: The Sovereignty-Taxes Paradox
Martin Wolfe

pp. 268-284

Disraeli, Robert Blake
Reviewed by Asa Briggs

pp. 285-286

Winds of Change, 1914-1939, Harold Macmillan
Reviewed by Richard W. Lyman

pp. 286-287

The British General Election of 1964, D. E. Butler and Anthony King

pp. 288-289

British Broadcasting and the Danish Resistance Movement, 1940-1945, Jeremy Bennett
Reviewed by Erik Barnouw

pp. 289-291

The Headmaster: Roxburgh of Stowe and His Influence in English Education, Noel Annan
Reviewed by Theodore R. Sizer

pp. 291-292

Hobbes's Science of Politics, M. M. Goldsmith
Reviewed by Gordon J. Schochet

pp. 292-294

Worlds in Conflict, D. W. Brogan ; Abuse of Power, Theodore Draper
Reviewed by John H. Herz

pp. 296-297

Yazoo. Law and Politics in the New Republic. The Case of Fletcher v. Peck, C. Peter Magrath
Reviewed by Lawrence M. Friedman

pp. 298-299

Jacob N. Cardozo: Economic Thought in the Antebellum South, Melvin M. Leiman
Reviewed by Murray N. Rothbard

pp. 299-300

Charles Evans Hughes and the Illusions of Innocence: A Study in American Diplomacy, Betty Glad
Reviewed by Richard W. Leopold

pp. 301-302

Politics, Economics, and the Public: Policy Outcomes in the American States, Thomas R. Dye
Reviewed by Duane Lockard

pp. 302-304

The Spatial Dynamics of U.S. Urban-Industrial Growth, 1800-1914: Interpretive and Theoretical Essays, Allan R. Pred
Reviewed by Amos H. Hawley

pp. 304-305

European Unification in the Sixties: From the Veto to the Crisis, Miriam Camps
Reviewed by Harold Guetzkow

pp. 306-307

Das Ende des Dritten reiches: Die Deutsche Kapitulation 1945, Reimer Hansen
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 307-308

The Development of Technical Education in France, 1500-1850, Frederick B. Artz
Reviewed by Rondo Cameron

pp. 308-309

DeGaulle and the World: The Foreign Policy of the Fifth French Republic, W. W. Kulski
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 310-311

Antonio Gramsci and the Origins of Italian Communism, John M. Cammett
Reviewed by A. William Salomone

pp. 311-313

Pilsudski's Coup D'Etat, Joseph Rothschild
Reviewed by Josef Korbel

pp. 313-314

Look East, Look West: The Socialist Adventure in Yugoslavia, David Tornquist
Reviewed by Paul Shoup

pp. 314-315

Soviet Economic Controversies: The Emerging Marketing Concept and Changes in Planning, 1960-1965, Jere L. Felker
Reviewed by Gregory Grossman

pp. 315-317

Political Participation in Communist China, James R. Townsend
Reviewed by J. K. Fairbank

pp. 317-318

Japan's Quest for Autonomy: National Security and Foreign Policy, 1930- 1938, James B. Crowley
Reviewed by Akira Iriye

pp. 319-320

The Revolution in Egypt's Economic System: From Private Enterprise to Socialism, 1952-1965, Patrick O'Brien
Reviewed by Morroe Berger

pp. 320-322

Reluctant Pioneers: Village Development in Israel, Alex Weingrod
Reviewed by Yonathan Shapiro

pp. 322-323

Political Change in a West African State: A Study of the Modernization Process in Sierra Leone, Martin Kilson
Reviewed by Richard L. Sklar

pp. 323-324

Ghana: End of an Illusion, Bob Fitch and Mary Oppenheimer
Reviewed by Edwin R. Dean

pp. 325-326

Africa: The Politics of Unity, Immanuel Wallerstein ; Creating Political Order: The Party-States of West Africa, Aristide R. Zolberg
Reviewed by Henry L. Bretton

pp. 326-328

Indian and American Labor Legislation and Practices: A Comparative Study, Arjun P. Aggarwal and Brijen K. Gupta ; Freedom of Expression and Security: A Comparative Study of the Function of the Supreme Courts of the United States of America and India, A. S. Bedi
Reviewed by Marc Galanter

pp. 329-330

Latin American Economic Integration: Experiences and Prospects, Miguel S. Wionczek ; A Latin American Common Market?, Sidney Dell
Reviewed by Adolf A. Berle

pp. 331-332

Parasitism and Subversion: The Case of Latin America, Stanislav Andreski
Reviewed by R. Della Cava

pp. 332-333

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