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Volume 81 - Number 1 - March 1966

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Private Man and Society
Otto Kirchheimer

pp. 1-24

Rousseau's Two Models: Sparta and the Age of Gold
Judith N. Shklar

pp. 25-51

A Comment on Professor Sabine's "Pragmatic Approach to Politics"
Thomas Reed Powell, Paul A. Freund

pp. 52-62

A Prolegomenon to Reformation
Norman F. Cantor

pp. 63-81

Who Voted for Goldwater: The Wisconsin Case
Leon D. Epstein, Austin Ranney

pp. 82-94

Government Action and Morality, R. S. Downie ; The Symbolic Uses of Politics, Murray Edelman
Reviewed by J. Roland Pennock

pp. 95-97

Bureaucracy and Political Development, Joseph LaPalombara
Reviewed by Terence K. Hopkins

pp. 97-100

The Rulers, Frederick A. Praeger and Renzo Sereno
Reviewed by Juan J. Linz

pp. 100-102

Man as a Subject for Science, A. J. Ayer ; The Age of Automation, Leon Bagrit

pp. 102-103

The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, Volume VI, Parts I and II. The Industrial Revolutions and After: Incomes, Population and Technnological Change, M. Postan and H. J. Habakkuk
Reviewed by Barry Supple

pp. 104-106

Imperial Spain, 1469-1716, J. H. Elliott
Reviewed by C. J. Bishko

pp. 106-107

The Crisis of German Ideology: Intellectual Origins of the Third Reich, George L. Mosse
Reviewed by Gerhard L. Weinberg

pp. 108-109

Friedrich von Holstein, Politics and Diplomacy in the Era of Bismarck and Wilhelm II, 2 Vols, Norman Rich
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 109-110

Economic Planning: The French Experience, Pierre Bauchet, Robert Hall and Daphne Woodward
Reviewed by C. P. Kindleberger

pp. 111-112

Interest Groups in Italian Politics, Joseph LaPalombara
Reviewed by Henry W. Ehrmann

pp. 112-114

Machiavelli and Guicciardini: Politics and History in Sixteenth-Century Florence, Felix Gilbert
Reviewed by Eugene F. Rice

pp. 114-116

A History of Soviet Russia, Volume 7. Socialism in One Country 1924-1926, Volume Three, Parts I and II, Edward Hallett Carr
Reviewed by Merle Fainsod

pp. 116-118

Poland: Bridge for the Abyss?, Richard Hiscocks ; Poland Between East and West: Soviet and German Diplomacy Toward Poland, 1919-1933, Josef Korbel ; Conversations with the Kremlin and Dispatches from Russia, Stanislaw Kot and H. C. Stevens
Reviewed by Andrzej Korbonski

pp. 118-120

The Economics of Soviet Planning, Abram Bergson
Reviewed by Joseph S. Berliner

pp. 120-121

Federalism in the Commonwealth, William S. Livingston
Reviewed by K. C. Wheare

pp. 121-122

Cabinet Reform in Britain 1914-1963, Hans Daalder ; Patronage in British Government, Peter G. Richards.
Reviewed by Lane Davis

pp. 122-124

British Political Parties: The Distribution of Power Within the Conservative and Labour Parties, R. T. Mckenzie
Reviewed by Ross Terrill

pp. 125-126

Canada's National Policy, 1883-1900: A Study in Canadian-American Relations, Robert Craig Brown ; In Defence of Canada: From the Great War to the Great Depression, James Eayrs
Reviewed by Thomas P. Peardon

pp. 127-128

Colonial Currency Reprints, 1682-1751, Andrew McFarland Davis, Joseph Dorfman and Augustus M. Kelley
Reviewed by Louis M. Hacker

pp. 128-130

Number 7: Alexander Hamilton's Secret Attempts to Control American Foreign Policy, Julian P. Boyd
Reviewed by Jacob E. Cooke

pp. 130-133

From Prairie to Corn Belt: Farming on the Illinois and Iowa Prairies in the Nineteenth Century, Allan G. Bogue
Reviewed by Vernon Carstensen

pp. 134-135

The Cabinet Diaries of Josephus Daniels 1913-1921, E. David Cronon
Reviewed by Frank Freidel

pp. 135-136

Wilson: Confusions and Crises: 1915-1916, Arthur S. Link
Reviewed by J. B. Duroselle

pp. 137-138

A History of the Los Angeles Labor Movement, 1911-1941, Louis B. Perry and Richard S. Perry
Reviewed by Edward Peters

pp. 138-139

The United States and World War II, Richard B. Morris, Henry Steele Commager and A. Russell Buchanan
Reviewed by Louis Morton

pp. 139-141

The Troublesome Presence: American Democracy and the Negro, Eli Ginzberg and Alfred S. Eichner
Reviewed by John Hope Franklin

pp. 141-143

Foreign Policy in the Sixties: The Issues and the Instruments, Roger Hilsman and Robert C. Good
Reviewed by Louis L. Gerson

pp. 143-144

Documents on American Foreign Relations, 1963, Richard P. Stebbins ; The United States in World Affairs, 1963, Richard P. Stebbins
Reviewed by Cecil V. Crabb

pp. 144-145

Political Power: USA/USSR, Samuel P. Huntington and Zbigniew Brzezinski
Reviewed by Jacques Freymond

pp. 145-146

The United States and the Middle East, Georgiana G. Stevens
Reviewed by George Lenczowski

pp. 146-148

Political Parties: A Behavioral Analysis, Samuel J. Eldersveld
Reviewed by Frank J. Sorauf

pp. 148-150

Law and Politics in the Supreme Court: New Approaches to Political Jurisprudence, Martin Shapiro ; Elements of Judicial Strategy, Walter F. Murphy
Reviewed by Alexander M. Bickel

pp. 150-151

The Politics of the Budgetary Process, Aaron B. Wildavsky
Reviewed by Jonas Prager

pp. 152-153

The Third World, Peter Worsley
Reviewed by Lucy Mair

pp. 154-155

Nationality and Wealth: A Study in World Government, Evan Luard
Reviewed by Theodore Caplow

pp. 155-156

Histoire de l'Algerie Contemporaine. Volume I: la Conquete et les Debuts de la Colonisation (1827-1871), Charles-André Julien

pp. 156-158

Africa in World Politics, Vernon McKay ; Africa in the United Nations, Thomas Hovet
Reviewed by Ruth Schachter Morgenthau

pp. 158-160

Reform in the Ottoman Empire 1856-1876, Roderic H. Davison
Reviewed by Şerif Mardin

pp. 160-162

Syrian Politics and the Military, 1945-1958, Gordon H. Torrey
Reviewed by O. M. Smolansky

pp. 162-164

Report from a Chinese Village, Jan Myrdal, Gun Kessle and Maurice Michael
Reviewed by C. T. Hu

pp. 164-165

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