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Volume 8 - Number 4 - December 1893

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The Concentration of Wealth
George K. Holmes

pp. 589-600

The Economic State
Lindley M. Keasbey

pp. 601-624

Private Claims Against the State
Ernst Freund

pp. 625-652

Villainage in England
I. S. Leadam

pp. 653-676

The Parliamentary Regime in Italy
Vilfredo Pareto

pp. 677-721

The Unseen Foundations of Society
Edward A. Ross

pp. 722-732

Record of Political Events

pp. 769-796

History of the New World Called America, Edward John Payne
Reviewed by Franklin H. Giddings

pp. 733-736

The Eve of the French Revolution, Edward J. Lowell
Reviewed by George Louis Beer

pp. 736-738

Formation of the Union, 1750-1829, Albert Bushnell Hart ; The French War and the Revolution, William Milligan Sloane
Reviewed by W. P. Trent

pp. 738-741

The City-State of the Greeks and Romans, W. Warde Fowler

pp. 741-742

Auswanderung und Auswanderungspolitik in Deutschland, E. von Philippovich
Reviewed by Richmond Mayo-Smith

pp. 742-744

Socialism and the American Spirit, N. P. Gilman
Reviewed by John Graham Brooks

pp. 744-746

Poverty: Its Genesis and Exodus, John George Godard ; Criticisms on General Booth's Social Scheme, C. S. Loch, Bernard Bosanquet and Philip Dwyer ; Pauperism, a Picture, and the Endowment of Old Age, an Argument, Charles Booth ; The State and Pensions in Old Age, J. A. Spender ; Pensions and Pauperism, J. Frome Wilkinson ; The Destitute Alien in Great Britain, Arnold White
Reviewed by Franklin H. Giddings

pp. 747-751

Les Bases Economiques de la Constitution Sociale, Achille Loria and A. Bouchard

pp. 751-755

La Riduzione delle Ore di Lavoro e i suoi Effetti Economici, Riccardo Dalla Volta ; La Legislation Internationale du Travail, Paul Boilley ; Guide Pratique pour l'Application de la Participation aux Benefices, Albert Trombert and Charles Robert
Reviewed by Stephen F. Weston

pp. 755-758

Military Government and Martial Law, William E. Birkhimer
Reviewed by John Bassett Moore

pp. 761-763

Betterment, being the Law of Special Assessment for Benefit in America, with some Observations on its Adoption by the London County Council, Arthur A. Baumann
Reviewed by Victor Rosewater

pp. 764-765

The History, Organization and Influence of the Independent Treasury of the United States, David Kinley
Reviewed by Horace White

pp. 765-768

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