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Volume 77 - Number 1 - March 1962

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Emerging Attitudes Toward Fiscal Policy
James R. Schlesinger

pp. 1-18

Capital Punishment and British Party Responsibility
James B. Christoph

pp. 19-35

Revolution: A Redefinition
Peter Amann

pp. 36-53

Russo-German Military Collaboration: The Last Phase, 1933
George H. Stein

pp. 54-71

Multiracialism and Politics in Zanzibar
Jane Campbell

pp. 72-87

Between Past and Future, Hannah Arendt
Reviewed by Michael Oakeshott

pp. 88-90

The Levellers and the English Revolution, H. N. Brailsford
Reviewed by Perez Zagorin

pp. 91-92

Political Influence, Edward C. Banfield
Reviewed by Robert E. Lane

pp. 93-94

Japan Subdued: The Atomic Bomb and the End of the War in the Pacific, Herbert Feis
Reviewed by James B. Crowley

pp. 97-98

India and the West, Barbara Ward ; India and the United States, Selig Harrison
Reviewed by Guy Wint

pp. 99-100

The Anglo-American Predicament: The British Commonwealth, The United States and European Unity, H. C. Allen
Reviewed by Gwendolen M. Carter

pp. 100-103

The European Common Market: An Analysis of Commercial Policy, Isaiah Frank
Reviewed by William Diebold

pp. 103-105

Europe at Sixes and Sevens: The Common Market, the Free Trade Association and the United States, Emile Benoit
Reviewed by William R. Allen

pp. 105-107

The Political Foundations of International Law, Morton A. Kaplan
Reviewed by John H. Herz

pp. 107-109

Quest for Survival: The Role of Law and Foreign Policy, Julius Stone
Reviewed by Oliver J. Lissitzyn

pp. 109-111

The Foundations of Freedom, Law and Government in Southern Africa, D. V. Cowen
Reviewed by L. Gray Cowan

pp. 111-112

Organizing for Defense: The American Military Establishment in the Twentieth Century, Paul Y. Hammond
Reviewed by Demetrios Caraley

pp. 113-114

The Politics of Totalitarianism: The Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1934 to the Present, John A. Armstrong
Reviewed by Ralph T. Fisher

pp. 114-117

Marxism: An Historical and Critical Study, George Lichtheim
Reviewed by Herbert Marcuse

pp. 117-119

Russians as People, Wright W. Miller ; The Future Is Ours, Comrade: Conversations with the Russians, Joseph Novak
Reviewed by Morton Schwartz

pp. 119-121

Communism in Czechoslovakia 1948-1960, Edward Taborsky
Reviewed by Joseph Rothschild

pp. 121-123

Inside Europe Today, John Gunther
Reviewed by Walter C. Langsam

pp. 123-125

The Destruction of European Jews: A Documented Narrative History, Paul Hilberg
Reviewed by Jacob Robinson

pp. 125-127

Germany Between Two Worlds, Gerald Freund
Reviewed by Gerard Braunthal

pp. 127-128

Schizophrenic Germany, John Dornberg
Reviewed by Fred N. Spotts

pp. 129-130

Mussolini's Enemies: The Italian Anti-Fascist Resistance, Charles F. Delzell
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 130-132

Historians of China and Japan, W. G. Beasley and E. G. Pulleyblank
Reviewed by Howard L. Boorman

pp. 132-134

Sakamoto Ryoma and the Meiji Restoration, Marius B. Jansen
Reviewed by Herschel Webb

pp. 135-136

Montesquieu: A Critical Biography, Robert Shackleton
Reviewed by Otis Fellows

pp. 136-138

H. M. Hyndman and British Socialism, Chushichi Tsuzuki
Reviewed by Philip P. Poirier

pp. 138-140

Essays in American Historiography: Papers Presented in Honor of Allan Nevins, Harold C. Syrett and Donald Sheehan
Reviewed by Geoffrey Seed

pp. 140-142

The Burden of Southern History, C. Vann Woodward ; Romance and Realism in Southern Politics, T. Harry Williams
Reviewed by Dewey W. Grantham

pp. 142-144

The Real Abraham Lincoln, Reinhard H. Luthin
Reviewed by Roy F. Nichols

pp. 144-145

Don't Let Them Scare You: The Life and Times of Elmer Davis, Roger Burlingame
Reviewed by John Hohenberg

pp. 145-146

The Ruling Servants: Bureaucracy in Russia, France--and Britain?, Eric Strauss
Reviewed by Stanley Rothman

pp. 147-149

Negro Politics: The Search for Leadership, James Q. Wilson
Reviewed by Wallace S. Sayre

pp. 149-150

The Negro in American Civilization, Nathaniel Weyl
Reviewed by John A. Davis

pp. 150-152

The Religious Factor, Gerhard Lenski
Reviewed by Charles Y. Glock

pp. 152-154

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