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Volume 74 - Number 1 - March 1959

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Transportation: Achilles Heel of National Security
Robert W. Harbeson

pp. 1-20

The Aswan Decision in Perspective
James E. Dougherty

pp. 21-45

Business Men and Specie Resumption
Irwin Unger

pp. 46-70

The Appeal of Maoism in Pre-Industrial, Semicolonial Political Cultures
Joseph R. Fiszman

pp. 71-88

Free Elections in the Latin American Policy of the United States
Theodore P. Wright

pp. 89-112

M. Pinay and Inflation
James M. Laux

pp. 113-119

International Propaganda: Its Legal and Diplomatic Control, L. John Martin ; Radio Free Europe, Robert T. Holt
Reviewed by Daniel Lerner

pp. 121-125

Foreign Aid Reexamined: A Critical Appraisal, James W. Wiggins and Helmut Schoeck
Reviewed by Brooks Emeny

pp. 125-127

The Passing of Traditional Society: Modernizing the Middle East, Daniel Lerner and Lucille W. Pevsner
Reviewed by Elie A. Salem

pp. 127-129

Malaya: A Political and Economic Appraisal, Lennox A. Mills ; Malaya, Norton Ginsburg and Chester F. Roberts
Reviewed by William Henderson

pp. 129-131

Egypt in Transition, Jean Lacouture, Simonne Lacouture and Francis Scarfe
Reviewed by Maurice Harari

pp. 131-133

We the People: The Economic Origins of the Constitution, Forrest McDonald
Reviewed by Alfred H. Kelly

pp. 133-135

The Era of Theodore Roosevelt, 1900-1912, George E. Mowry
Reviewed by Frank Freidel

pp. 135-137

Parties and Politics: An Institutional and Behavioral Approach, Avery Leiserson
Reviewed by Ralph K. Huitt

pp. 137-138

The Electoral College, Lucius Wilmerding
Reviewed by Donald C. Blaisdell

pp. 138-140

Democracy and Catholicism in America, Currin V. Shields
Reviewed by Edward Dumbauld

pp. 140-142

The Supreme Court in Modern Role, Carl Brent Swisher ; The Supreme Court from Taft to Warren, Alpheus Thomas Mason
Reviewed by Harry W. Jones

pp. 142-145

The Common Law of Mankind, C. Wilfred Jenks
Reviewed by Oliver J. Lissitzyn

pp. 145-146

The Representative Republic, Ferdinand A. Hermens
Reviewed by Lucius Wilmerding

pp. 147-148

Interest Groups on Four Continents, Henry W. Ehrmann
Reviewed by Gerard Braunthal

pp. 148-150

The Study of Comparative Government and Politics, Gunnar Heckscher
Reviewed by Gabriel A. Almond

pp. 150-152

Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis, Herbert Marcuse
Reviewed by C. B. Macpherson

pp. 152-154

The Vichy Regime, 1940-44, Robert Aron, Georgette Elgey and Humphrey Hare
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 154-156

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