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Volume 7 - Number 4 - December 1892

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A New Canon of Taxation
Edward Alsworth Ross

pp. 585-597

Railway Accounting
Thomas L. Greene

pp. 598-612

The Origin and Development of Written Constitutions
Charles Borgeaud

pp. 613-632

The Commercial Policy of Europe
William Z. Ripley

pp. 633-655

The Early History and Influence of the Office of Coroner
Charles Gross

pp. 656-672

The Russian Judiciary
Isaac A. Hourwich

pp. 673-707

Bastable's Public Finance

pp. 708-720

Record of Political Events

pp. 763-784

Le Crime Politique et les Revolutions, C. Lombroso, R. Laschi and A. Bouchard
Reviewed by Franklin H. Giddings

pp. 721-723

The Colonial Era, George Park Fisher
Reviewed by Charles H. Levermore

pp. 723-725

A Half-Century of Conflict, Francis Parkman
Reviewed by Moses Coit Tyler

pp. 726-729

Monographs and Essays, William Francis Allen
Reviewed by W. J. Ashley

pp. 729-731

Les Archives de l'Histoire de France, H. Stein
Reviewed by Herbert L. Osgood

pp. 731-733

Stadte und Gilden der Germanischen Volker im Mittclalter, Karl Hegel
Reviewed by Charles Gross

pp. 734-736

The Platform: Its Rise and Progress, Henry Jephson
Reviewed by Franklin H. Giddings

pp. 736-739

Histoire des Doctrines Economiques, Joseph Rambaud

p. 741

Methods of Industrial Remuneration, David F. Schloss
Reviewed by George Gunton

pp. 742-744

Industrial Freedom, B. R. Wise
Reviewed by Edward Alsworth Ross

pp. 745-747

Der Grossbetrieb, Gerhart von Schulze-Gävernitz

pp. 747-749

The Effects of Machinery on Wages, J. Shield Nicholson
Reviewed by George Gunton

pp. 749-750

Il Socialismo negli Stati Uniti d'America, S. Cognetti de Martiis

pp. 750-751

Co-operative Credit Associations in Certain European Countries, and their Relation to Agricultural Interests, Edward I. Peters ; Distributing Co-operative Societies, Luigi Pizzamiglio
Reviewed by Fairfax Harrison

pp. 751-753

Die Bauernbefreiung in dem Alteren Teil Preussens, Georg Knapp ; Die Landarbeiter in Knechtschaft und Freiheit, Georg Knapp ; Abhandlungen aus dem Staatswissenschaftlichen Seminar: Die Untergang des Bauernstandes in Neu-Vorpommern und Rugen, Karl Johannes Fuchs ; Bauer und Gutsherr in Kur-Sachsen, J. E. Haun ; Die Bauernbefreiung in Oesterreich, C. Grünberg
Reviewed by Lindley Miller Keasbey

pp. 754-757

Ueber die Gutsherrlich-Bauerlichen Rechtsverhaltnisse in der Mark Brandenburg vom 16 bis 18 Jahrhundert, G. Schmoller
Reviewed by W. J. Ashley

pp. 757-760

Manuel de Statistique Pratique, Victor Turquand
Reviewed by Richmond Mayo-Smith

pp. 760-761

La Question des Monopoles, J. A. de Saint-André
Reviewed by W. Z. Ripley

p. 762

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