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Volume 58 - Number 2 - June 1943

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In Memoriam

p. 0

Congressional Oversight of Administration: The Power of the Purse. I
Arthur W. Macmahon

pp. 161-190

British Overseas Trade and Foreign Exchange
Buford Brandis

pp. 191-216

Wartime Profits of Russian Industry 1914-1916
Theodore Cohen

pp. 217-238

Exile as an Institution
Robert G. Caldwell

pp. 239-262

The American Spirit, Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard
Reviewed by Ralph H. Gabriel

pp. 263-265

Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, Joseph A. Schumpeter
Reviewed by A. B. Wolfe

pp. 265-267

German Strategy of World Conquest, Derwent Whittlesey, Charles C. Colby and Richard Hartshorne ; The World of General Hausshofer, Andreas Dorpalen and Herman Beukema
Reviewed by Hans W. Weigert

pp. 267-269

Generals and Geographers: The Twilight of Geopolitics, Hans W. Weigert
Reviewed by Nathaniel Peffer

pp. 269-271

Soviet Russia's Foreign Policy, 1939-1942, David J. Dallin and Leon Dennen
Reviewed by Michael T. Florinsky

pp. 271-273

America and the Axis War, Denys Smith
Reviewed by L. B. Shippee

pp. 273-275

The Panama Canal in Peace and War, Norman J. Padelford
Reviewed by William E. Masterson

pp. 276-278

The Policy of the United States Toward the Neutrals, 1917-1918, Thomas A. Bailey
Reviewed by Benjamin H. Williams

pp. 278-279

The World after War, Henry Bamford Parkes
Reviewed by Preston Slosson

pp. 279-281

Victory Is Not Enough: The Strategy for a Lasting Peace, Egon Ranshofen-Wertheimer
Reviewed by George N. Shuster

pp. 281-282

The International Steel Cartel, Ervin Hexner
Reviewed by Herbert von Beckerath

pp. 282-284

Economics in Uniform: Military Economy and Social Structure, Albert T. Lauterbach
Reviewed by Henry W. Spiegel

pp. 284-285

Business as a System of Power, Robert A. Brady
Reviewed by John W. Scoville

pp. 285-288

Zones of International Friction: The Great Lakes Frontier, Canada, The West Indies, India, 1748-1754. Volume V of The British Empire before the American Revolution, Lawrence Henry Gipson
Reviewed by Max Savelle

pp. 288-290

The Unguarded Frontier: A History of American-Canadian Relations, Edgar W. McInnis ; Canada, Today and Tomorrow, William Henry Chamberlin ; The Common Problem, William R. Yendall
Reviewed by J. B. Brebner

pp. 291-292

Economics of Social Security, Seymour E. Harris
Reviewed by Lyle C. Fitch

pp. 292-294

The Theory of Incidence of Sales Taxation, John F. Due
Reviewed by Alfred G. Buehler

pp. 294-295

Ballots and the Democratic Class Struggle, Dewey Anderson and Percy E. Davidson
Reviewed by Russell H. Ewing

pp. 295-297

The British War Economy, 1939-1943, Herman Finer and Mary E. Murphy
Reviewed by William Steele McCauley

pp. 297-298

Banking and Finance in China, Frank M. Tamagna and T. V. Soong
Reviewed by C. R. Bennett

pp. 299-300

The International Economic Law of Belligerent Occupation, Ernst H. Feilchenfeld
Reviewed by Quincy Wright

pp. 300-302

Fact and Fancy in the T. N. E. C. Monographs: Reviews of the 43 Monographs issued by the Temporary National Economic Committee, John Scoville and Noel Sargent
Reviewed by Thomas J. Anderson

pp. 302-304

Early Pythagorean Politics in Practice and Theory, Edwin L. Minar
Reviewed by Kurt von Fritz

pp. 304-305

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