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Volume 55 - Number 2 - June 1940

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The Turning Point in American Labor Policy
Leo Wolman

pp. 161-175

Autonomous Public Enterprise--The German Railways III
Arthur W. Macmahon, W. R. Dittmar

pp. 176-198

The Rise of Republican Government in the United States
George M. Dutcher

pp. 199-216

Separation of Control and Lawmaking in Sweden
Richard C. Spencer

pp. 217-230

International Organization and the International Chamber of Commerce
Kurt Wilk

pp. 231-248

The Import of Theory in Unemployment Compensation
Harry Malisoff

pp. 249-258

The Story of the Political Philosophers, George Catlin
Reviewed by Thomas I. Cook

pp. 259-260

Law, the State, and the International Community, James Brown Scott
Reviewed by Hans J. Morgenthau

pp. 261-262

The Problem of Historical Knowledge: An Answer to Relativism, Maurice Mandelbaum
Reviewed by E. McClung Fleming

pp. 262-264

Democracy, Today and Tomorrow, Eduard Beneš
Reviewed by Dorothy Fosdick

pp. 264-265

La Politique Criminelle des Etats Autoritaires, Henry Donnedieu de Vabres
Reviewed by Otto Kirchheimer

pp. 266-267

Political Thought: The European Tradition, J. P. Mayer, R. H. S. Crossman, P. Kecskemeti, E. Kohn-Bramstedt and C. J. S. Sprigge
Reviewed by Joseph S. Roucek

pp. 267-269

Capitalism the Creator, Carl Snyder
Reviewed by George B. Roberts

pp. 269-271

The Economics of Labor. Vol. I: Labor's Progress and Some Basic Labor Problems. Vol. II: Labor's Risks and Social Insurance, Harry A. Millis and Royal E. Montgomery
Reviewed by Murray Ross

pp. 271-273

Business and Capitalism: An Introduction to Business History, N. S. B. Gras ; Casebook in American Business History, N. S. B. Gras and Henrietta M. Larson
Reviewed by Shepard B. Clough

pp. 273-275

Prices and Wages in England from the Twelfth to the Nineteenth Century. Vol. I: Price Tables: Mercantile Era, William Beveridge, L. Liepmann, F. J. Nicholas, M. E. Rayner and M. Wretts-Smith
Reviewed by Shepard B. Clough

pp. 275-277

Competition among Grains, N. Jasny
Reviewed by Percy W. Bidwell

pp. 277-280

The Economics of a Declining Population, W. B. Redaway
Reviewed by Donald W. O'Connell

pp. 280-281

Les Etapes de L'Economie Fasciste Italienne: Du Corporatisme a L'Economie de Guerre, Louis R. Franck
Reviewed by Carl T. Schmidt

pp. 282-283

The Economic Life of Primitive Peoples, Melville J. Herskovits
Reviewed by Cora du Bois

pp. 284-285

Financial Questions in United States Foreign Policy, James W. Gantenbein
Reviewed by C. R. Whittlesey

pp. 285-286

Diplomatic Relations between the United States and Japan, 1895-1905, Payson J. Treat
Reviewed by Hugh Borton

pp. 288-290

The British Common People, 1746-1938, G. D. H. Cole and Raymond Postgate
Reviewed by Stanley Pargellis

pp. 290-292

Race Relations and the Race Problem: A Definition and an Analysis, Edgar T. Thompson
Reviewed by E. Franklin Frazier

pp. 292-293

Revolutions and Dictatorships: Essays in Contemporary History, Hans Kohn
Reviewed by Sigmund Neumann

pp. 294-296

We Who Built America: The Saga of the Immigrant, Carl Wittke
Reviewed by Arthur E. Bestor

pp. 296-297

Words That Won the War: The Story of the Committee on Public Information, 1917-1919, James R. Mock and Cedric Larson
Reviewed by James C. Malin

pp. 298-299

James Kent: A Study in Conservatism, 1763-1847, John Theodore Horton
Reviewed by John T. Farrell

pp. 299-301

The Life and Times of William Howard Taft, Henry F. Pringle
Reviewed by Carl Brent Swisher

pp. 302-304

France Overseas through the Old Regime: A Study of European Expansion, Herbert Ingram Priestley
Reviewed by Laurence B. Packard

pp. 304-305

Soviets in the Arctic, T. A. Taracouzio
Reviewed by Harold R. Weinstein

pp. 306-307

Co-operation at Home and Abroad. Vol. II: 1908-1938, Charles R. Fay
Reviewed by Arthur E. Albrecht

pp. 307-308

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