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Volume 40 - Number 4 - December 1925

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American Tobacco and French Politics 1783-1789
Frederick L. Nussbaum

pp. 497-516

The Greek Exploitation of Egypt
William Linn Westermann

pp. 517-539

The French President and Foreign Affairs
Lindsay Rogers

pp. 540-560

Some Antecedents of the American Doctrine of Judicial Review
D. O. Wagner

pp. 561-593

The New Mercantilism
Edward Mead Earle

pp. 594-600

Recent Books on Taxation and Finance
Robert Murray Haig

pp. 601-612

The Permanent Court of International Justice, Manley O. Hudson
Reviewed by Joseph P. Chamberlain

pp. 613-616

Conflict of Policies in Asia, Thomas F. Millard
Reviewed by William R. Shepherd

pp. 617-618

The Fundamental Concepts of Public Law, Westel W. Willoughby
Reviewed by Harold J. Laski

pp. 618-621

A History of the United States: The War for Southern Independence, Edward Channing
Reviewed by David Saville Muzzey

pp. 621-624

The Christian Outlook. Being the Sermons of an Economist, William J. Ashley
Reviewed by F. H. Knight

pp. 624-626

La Campagne "Innocentiste" en Allemagne et le Traite de Versailles, Richard Grelling ; Les Origines Immediates de la Guerre, Pierre Renouvin
Reviewed by Sidney B. Fay

pp. 626-629

China, Yesterday and To-Day, Edward Thomas Williams
Reviewed by William R. Shepherd

pp. 629-632

Social Consequences of Business Cycles, Maurice Beck Hexter
Reviewed by Stuart A. Rice

pp. 632-635

The Austrian Crown. Its depreciation and stabilization, Henry Strakosch
Reviewed by James W. Angell

pp. 635-638

The Basis of Racial Adjustment, Thomas Jackson Woofter
Reviewed by Frank A. Ross

pp. 638-640

Studies in Mid-Victorian Imperialism, C. A. Bodelsen
Reviewed by Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 640-642

Employes' Representation in Coal Mines. A Study of the Industrial Representation Plan of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, Mary Van Kleeck and Ben M. Selekman ; Employes' Representation in Steel Works. A Study of the Industrial Relations Plan of the Minnequa Steel Works of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, Ben M. Selekman
Reviewed by Herman Feldman

pp. 642-645

Das Dreibundsystem, 1879-1916: Eine historisch-volkerrechtliche Studie, Helge Granfelt
Reviewed by Bernadotte E. Schmitt

pp. 645-647

The Colonial Background of the American Revolution: Four Essays in American Colonial History, Charles M. Andrews
Reviewed by Charles F. Mullette

pp. 647-649

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