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Volume 28 - Number 4 - December 1913

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The Significance of the Wisconsin Income Tax
T. S. Adams

pp. 569-585

Governmental Regulation of Securities Issues
Arthur U. Ayres

pp. 586-592

The Field Before the Commission on Industrial Relations
Paul U. Kellogg

pp. 593-609

Republican Convention Reapportionment
Victor Rosewater

pp. 610-626

The Balkan Adjustment
Stephen P. Duggan

pp. 627-645

The Office of Adelantado
Roscoe R. Hill

pp. 646-668

Record of Political Events
Carlton Hayes, E. M. Sait

pp. 706-752

Valuation of Public Utility Properties, Henry Floy ; Engineering Valuation of Public Utilities and Factories, Horatio A. Foster ; Valuation of Public Service Corporations, Robert H. Whitten
Reviewed by Henry Rand Hatfield

pp. 669-675

Railway Transportation, Charles L. Raper
Reviewed by Robert M. Haig

pp. 675-677

American Syndicalism: The I. W. W, John Graham Brooks
Reviewed by Louis Levine

pp. 677-679

Socialism and Democracy in Europe, Samuel P. Orth
Reviewed by Carlton Hayes

pp. 679-681

Social Welfare in New Zealand, Hugh H. Lusk
Reviewed by Victor S. Clark

pp. 681-683

An Introduction to Political Parties and Practical Politics, P. Orman Ray
Reviewed by E. M. Sait

pp. 684-685

Organized Democracy: An Introduction to the Study of American Politics, Frederick A. Cleveland
Reviewed by Howard L. McBain

pp. 685-688

A Treatise on the Laws Governing the Exclusion and Expulsion of Aliens in the United States, Clement L. Bouvé
Reviewed by Max J. Kohler

pp. 688-690

Constitutional Law, James Parker Hall
Reviewed by Thomas Reed Powell

pp. 690-692

Oxford Studies in Social and Legal History, Paul Vinogradoff ; Types of Manorial Structure in the Northern Danelaw, F. M. Stenton ; Customary Rents, N. Neilson
Reviewed by Harold D. Hazeltine

pp. 692-695

Studies in the History of English Commerce in the Tudor Period, Edward Potts Cheyney, A. J. Gerson, E. V. Vaughan and Neva Ruth Deardorff
Reviewed by Dixon Ryan Fox

pp. 695-697

The Making of Modern England, Gilbert Slater
Reviewed by J. T. Shotwell

pp. 697-699

Sir John Robert Seeley: Eine Studie uber den Historiker, Adolph Rein
Reviewed by Harold D. Hazeltine

pp. 699-700

Latin America: Its Rise and Progress, F. Garcia Calderon, Raymond Poincaré and Bernard Miall
Reviewed by Roscoe R. Hill

pp. 700-703

Social France at the Time of Philip Augustus, Achille Luchaire and E. B. Krehbiel
Reviewed by J. T. Shotwell

pp. 703-704

Britain Across the Seas: America. A History and Description of the British Empire in America, Arthur Granville Bradley
Reviewed by A. G. Porritt

pp. 704-705

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