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Volume 26 - Number 3 - September 1911

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The Syndication of the Speakership
C. R. Atkinson, C. A. Beard

pp. 381-414

The Referendum in Great Britain
Herbert W. Horwill

pp. 415-431

"People's Rule" in Municipal Affairs
George H. Haynes

pp. 432-442

Polk and the Oregon Compromise of 1846
R. L. Schuyler

pp. 443-461

The United States Postal Savings Bank
E. W. Kemmerer

pp. 462-499

Compulsory Old-Age Insurance in France
I. M. Rubinow

pp. 500-529

La Sintesi Economica, Achille Loria
Reviewed by Alvin S. Johnson

pp. 530-532

The Nation as a Business Firm, W. H. Mallock
Reviewed by George Ray Wicker

pp. 532-533

Twentieth Century Socialism, F. H. Giddings, Edmond Kelly and Rufus W. Weeks
Reviewed by Eugene E. Agger

pp. 533-537

The History of Labor Legislation in Iowa, E. H. Downey
Reviewed by G. G. Groat

pp. 537-538

Women in Industry: A Study in American Economic History, Edith Abbott ; Women and the Trades, Pittsburgh, 1907-1908, Elizabeth Beardsley Butler and Paul Underwood Kellogg ; Wage-earning Women, Annie Marion MacLean
Reviewed by Helen L. Sumner

pp. 539-541

Workingmen's Insurance in Europe, Lee K. Frankel, Miles M. Dawson and Louis I. Dublin

pp. 542-543

National and Local Finance, Sidney Webb and J. Watson Grice
Reviewed by T. S. Adams

pp. 543-545

The Constitutional Law of the United States, Westel Woodbury Willoughby
Reviewed by Thomas Reed Powell

pp. 545-549

The Constitution of the United States, David K. Watson

pp. 549-551

The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, Max Farrand

pp. 551-553

The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, W. Harrison Moore ; The Broad Stone of Empire, Charles Bruce

pp. 553-556

Roman Law in Mediaeval Europe, Paul Vinogradoff

pp. 556-558

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