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Volume 26 - Number 1 - March 1911

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Barriers Against Democracy in the British Electoral System
Edward Porritt

pp. 1-31

"People's Rule" in Oregon, 1910
George H. Haynes

pp. 32-62

Federal Incorporation

pp. 63-97

Stock Watering
William Z. Ripley

pp. 98-121

The Electric Lighting System of Paris
A. N. Holcombe

pp. 122-132

Aulard's Political History of the French Revolution
James Harvey Robinson

pp. 133-141

Zur Soziologie des Parteiwesens in der Modernen Demokratie, Robert Michels
Reviewed by Robert C. Brooks

pp. 142-144

La Presidence des Assemblees Politiques, Henry Ripert
Reviewed by Charles A. Beard

pp. 145-146

Administrative Problems of British India, Joseph Chailley and William Meyer ; India: Impressions and Suggestions, J. Keir Hardie

pp. 146-149

Chinese Immigration, Mary Roberts Coolidge
Reviewed by J. R. Commons

pp. 149-151

The Russian Army and the Japanese War, being Historical and Critical Comments on the Military Policy and Power of Russia and on the Campaign in the Far East, A. B. Lindsay and E. D. Swinton

pp. 151-153

The Development of Hungarian Constitutional Liberty, Julius Andrássy, C. Arthur and Ilona Ginever

pp. 154-155

Oxford Studies in Social and Legal History, Paul Vinogradoff ; English Monasteries on the Eve of the Dissolution, Alexander Savine ; Patronage in the Later Empire, F. De Zulueta

pp. 155-157

Die Plebs: Studien zur Romischen Rechtsgeschichte, Julius Binder
Reviewed by Max Radin

pp. 157-161

Popular Law-making: A Study of the Origin, History and Present Tendencies of Law-making by Statute, Frederic Jesup Stimson
Reviewed by E. M. Sait

pp. 161-163

The History of the Telephone, Herbert N. Casson
Reviewed by Delos F. Wilcox

pp. 163-164

The Economics of Railway Transport, Sydney Charles Williams ; Transportation in Europe, Logan G. McPherson
Reviewed by W. F. Gephart

pp. 165-167

Vorzugszolle, E. Trescher
Reviewed by Henry R. Mussey

pp. 168-169

Valuation: Its Nature and Laws, Wilbur Marshall Urban
Reviewed by Marion Parris

pp. 169-171

Cours d'Economie Politique, Georges Blanchard
Reviewed by T. S. Adams

pp. 171-173

Recollections of a Long Life, John Cam Hobhouse
Reviewed by Jacob H. Hollander

pp. 173-175

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