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Volume 13 - Number 3 - September 1898

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Slavery in Early Texas. I
Lester G. Bugbee

pp. 389-412

The Recent History of the Living Wage Movement
Henry W. Macrosty

pp. 413-441

Direct and Indirect Taxes in Economic Literature
Charles J. Bullock

pp. 442-476

Movements of Prices
Richmond Mayo-Smith

pp. 477-494

Educational Qualifications for the Suffrage in the United States
George H. Haynes

pp. 495-513

Twentieth Century Democracy
Jesse Macy

pp. 514-533

The First Republic in America, Alexander Brown ; The History of South Carolina under the Proprietary Government, 1670-1719, Edward McCrady
Reviewed by H. L. Osgood

pp. 534-538

A Short History of British Colonial Policy, Hugh Edward Egerton
Reviewed by George Louis Beer

pp. 538-540

Recht und Sitte auf den Verschiedenen Wirtschaftlichen Kulturstufen, Richard Hildebrand
Reviewed by W. J. Ashley

pp. 542-545

L'Impot dans les Diverses Civilisations, E. Fournier De Flaix
Reviewed by E. R. A. Seligman

pp. 545-546

A Handbook of Greek Constitutional History, A. H. J. Greenidge

pp. 546-548

Societas Publicanorum, Ferdinand Kniep
Reviewed by Munroe Smith

pp. 548-550

Congressional Committees, Lauros G. McConachie
Reviewed by George Elliott Howard

pp. 550-552

The Finances of the City of New York, Edward Dana Durand

pp. 555-558

Thirty Years of American Finance: 1865-96, Alexander Dana Noyes

pp. 558-560

Die Finanzverhaltnisse der Einzelstaaten der Nordamerikanischen Union, Ernest Ludlow Bogart
Reviewed by Francis Walker

pp. 560-562

State Aid to Railways in Missouri, John W. Million
Reviewed by A. M. Day

pp. 563-565

The Bargain Theory of Wages: A Critical Development from the Historic Theories, together with an Examination of Certain Wages Factors: the Mobility of Labor, Trade Unionism and the Methods of Industrial Remuneration, John Davidson
Reviewed by Frank A. Fetter

pp. 566-569

L'Avenir de la Race Blanche, J. Novicow
Reviewed by F. H. Giddings

pp. 569-571

The Life of Francis Place: 1771-1854, Graham Wallas

p. 572

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