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Volume 88 - Number 2 - June 1973

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Culture, Political Culture, and Communist Society
Robert C. Tucker

pp. 173-190

From Town to City: Boston in the 1820s
Robert A. McCaughey

pp. 191-213

Will Tactical Nuclear Weapons Ever be Used?
Philip W. Dyer

pp. 214-229

The Southern Tenant Farmers Union and Depression Politics
Lowell K. Dyson

pp. 230-252

The United States and Forced Repatriation of Soviet Citizens, 1944-47
Mark Elliott

pp. 253-275

The Best and the Brightest, David Halberstam
Reviewed by Carl Solberg

pp. 276-277

Law and the Indo-China War, John Norton Moore
Reviewed by Eugene V. Rostow

pp. 278-279

Suffragists and Democrats: The Politics of Woman Suffrage in America, David Morgan
Reviewed by Gerda Lerner

pp. 279-280

Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: People's Attorney, Vol. II, 1907-1912, Melvin I. Urofsky and David W. Levy
Reviewed by Osmond K. Fraenkel

pp. 281-282

A Factious People: Politics and Society in Colonial New York, Patricia U. Bonomi
Reviewed by Lawrence H. Leder

pp. 283-285

Securing the Revolution: Ideology in American Politics, 1789-1815, Richard Buel
Reviewed by Michael Wallace

pp. 285-287

Experiment in Republicanism: New Hampshire Politics and the American Revolution, 1741-1794, Jere R. Daniell ; Merchants, Farmers, and River Gods: An Essay on Eighteenth-Century American Politics, Robert Zemsky
Reviewed by Jack P. Greene

pp. 287-290

New England Dissent, 1630-1833: The Baptists and the Separation of Church and State, William G. McLoughlin
Reviewed by Robert T. Handy

pp. 290-292

The American Quest, 1790-1860: An Emerging Nation in Search of Identity, Unity, and Modernity, Clinton Rossiter
Reviewed by George Dangerfield

pp. 292-293

Between Harvard and America: The Educational Leadership of Charles W. Eliot, Hugh Hawkins
Reviewed by Robert A. McCaughey

pp. 293-294

The Shadow of Slavery: Peonage in the South, 1901-1969, Pete Daniel
Reviewed by Carey McWilliams

pp. 294-296

Blacks in the City: A History of the National Urban League, Guichard Parris and Lester Brooks
Reviewed by Kenneth T. Jackson

pp. 296-297

Railroads and the Granger Laws, George H. Miller
Reviewed by Edward C. Kirkland

pp. 298-299

The Administration of United States Foreign Policy, Richard A. Johnson ; The Cinderella Service: British Consuls since 1825, D. C. M. Platt ; The Nineteenth-Century Foreign Office: An Administrative History, Ray Jones
Reviewed by Henry M. Wriston

pp. 299-301

A New U.S. Policy Toward China, A. Doak Barnett ; Remaking China Policy: U.S.--China Relations and Governmental Decisionmaking, Richard Moorsteen and Morton Abramowitz ; Nations in Darkness: China, Russia, and America, John G. Stoessinger ; America's Response to China: An Interpretative History of Sino-Soviet Relations, Warren I. Cohen ; Peking's Support for Wars of National Liberation: Revolution and Chinese Foreign Policy, Peter Van Ness
Reviewed by Jonathan Mirsky

pp. 301-305

American Deserters in Sweden: The Men and Their Challenge, Thomas Lee Hayes ; The New Exiles: American War Resisters in Canada, Roger Neville Williams ; They Can't Go Home Again: The Story of America's Political Refugees, Richard L. Killmer, Robert S. Lecky and Debrah S. Wiley
Reviewed by Thomas R. Linden

pp. 305-307

Liberal Politics in the Age of Gladstone and Rosebery: A Study in Leadership and Policy, D. A. Hamer
Reviewed by Stephen E. Koss

pp. 309-310

The Conservative Party from Peel to Churchill, Robert Blake
Reviewed by H. J. Hanham

pp. 310-311

Lewis Namier: A Biography, Julia Namier
Reviewed by Jacob M. Price

pp. 311-313

In Defense of Canada: Peacemaking and Deterrence, James Eayrs
Reviewed by Thomas P. Peardon

pp. 313-315

The Indian Army: Its Contribution to the Development of a Nation, Stephen P. Cohen
Reviewed by Kurt Lang

pp. 315-317

Gaullism: The Rise and Fall of a Political Movement, Anthony Hartley
Reviewed by P. M. Williams

pp. 317-318

France--An Interpretive History, Ernest John Knapton ; The Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy, Derek Beales
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 318-320

In the Twenties: The Diaries of Harry Kessler, Harry Kessler and Charles Kessler
Reviewed by Norman Rich

pp. 320-322

The Czechs under Nazi Rule: The Failure of National Resistance, 1939-1942, Vojtech Mastny
Reviewed by Gerhard L. Weinberg

pp. 322-323

Germany in Our Time: A Political History of the Postwar Years, Alfred Grosser and Paul Stephenson
Reviewed by F. L. Carsten

pp. 324-325

The Gentlemen Negotiators, A Diplomatic History of the First World War, Z. A. B. Zeman ; A Broken World, 1919-1939, Raymond Sontag
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 325-327

Revolution in Central Europe, 1918-1919, F. L. Carsten
Reviewed by Theodore S. Hamerow

pp. 327-328

Political Grouping in the Czechoslovak Reform Movement, Vladimir V. Kusin ; Social Change and Stratification in Postwar Czechoslovakia, Jaroslav Krejci
Reviewed by Jiri Kolaja

pp. 329-331

Deviance in Soviet Society: Crime, Delinquency and Alcoholism, Walter D. Connor
Reviewed by John N. Hazard

pp. 331-332

Election Campaigning Japanese Style, Gerald L. Curtis
Reviewed by John M. Maki

pp. 332-333

China and Japan at War 1937-1945: The Politics of Collaboration, John Hunter Boyle
Reviewed by John M. Maki

pp. 334-335

Revolution in the Middle East and Other Case Studies, P. J. Vatikiotis
Reviewed by Charles Issawi

pp. 335-336

Between Old and New: The Ottoman Empire Under Sultan Selim III, 1789-1807, Stanford J. Shaw

pp. 337-338

Urban Dynamics in Black Africa: An Interdisciplinary Approach, William John Hanna and Judith Lynne Hanna
Reviewed by Remi Clignet

pp. 338-340

Modernizing Racial Domination: South Africa's Political Dynamics, Herbert Adam
Reviewed by Julius Lewin

p. 340

The Foreign Powers in Latin America, Herbert Goldhamer
Reviewed by Bryce Wood

pp. 341-342

The United Nations in International Politics, Leon Gordenker
Reviewed by Inis L. Claude, Jr.

pp. 342-343

A Critique of Max Weber's Philosophy of Social Science, W. G. Runciman
Reviewed by Talcott Parsons

pp. 345-346

The Broken Rebel: A Study in Culture, Politics, and Authoritarian Character, Rupert Wilkinson
Reviewed by M. Brewster Smith

pp. 347-348

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