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Volume 80 - Number 1 - March 1965

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Sino-American Relations and the Future of Formosa
O. Edmund Clubb

pp. 1-21

Factionalism in the National Socialist German Workers' Party, 1925-26: The Myth and Reality of the
Joseph L. Nyomarkay

pp. 22-47

Voting Patterns Among High-Ranking Military Officers
Paul P. Van Riper, Darab B. Unwalla

pp. 48-61

Constitutionalism and the Judiciary in France
Jerome B. King

pp. 62-87

Nuclear Sharing in Nato and the Multilateral Force
Wilfrid L. Kohl

pp. 88-109

Human Nature in Politics, James C. Davies
Reviewed by Theodore M. Newcomb

pp. 110-111

Man and Society. Volume I: Machiavelli through Rousseau. Volume II: Bentham through Marx, John Plamenatz
Reviewed by Carl J. Friedrich

pp. 111-114

A Philosophy of Man, Adam Schaff
Reviewed by Zbigniew A. Jordan

pp. 114-115

The Conservative Affirmation, Willmoore Kendall
Reviewed by Bernard Wishy

pp. 115-117

The Meaning of History, Erich Kahler
Reviewed by Herbert J. Muller

pp. 117-118

Political Economy, Volume I: General Problems, Oskar Lange and A. H. Walker
Reviewed by Peter Wiles

pp. 118-122

Industrial Growth and World Trade: An Empirical Study of Trends in Production, Consumption and Trade in Manufactures from 1899-1959, with a Discussion of Probable Future Trends, Alfred Maizels
Reviewed by Ronald I. McKinnon

pp. 122-126

Post-Primary Education and Political and Economic Development, Taylor Cole and Don C. Piper
Reviewed by I. M. Kandel

pp. 126-128

The Congressman, His Work as He Sees It, Charles L. Clapp
Reviewed by William F. Ryan

pp. 129-132

James Forrestal: A Study of Personality, Politics, and Policy, Arnold A. Rogow
Reviewed by Paul H. Hoch

pp. 132-134

George C. Marshall: Education of a General, 1880-1939, Forrest C. Pogue and Gordon Harrison
Reviewed by Kent Roberts Greenfield

pp. 134-137

Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1940, William E. Leuchtenburg
Reviewed by Robert A. Divine

pp. 137-138

The Problem of Sovereignty in the Later Middle Ages, M. J. Wilks
Reviewed by Norman F. Cantor

pp. 139-140

Iraq under General Nuri: My Recollections of Nuri Al-Said, 1954-1958, Waldemar J. Gallman
Reviewed by John Bagot Glubb

pp. 140-141

James Mill and the Art of Revolution, Joseph Hamburger
Reviewed by John Clive

pp. 141-143

Amateurs and Professionals in British Politics, 1918-59, Philip W. Buck
Reviewed by Harvey Glickman

pp. 143-145

The Netherlands in the Seventeenth Century--Part Two, 1648-1715, Pieter Geyl
Reviewed by George Masselman

pp. 145-147

The Social Democrats in Imperial Germany: A Study in Working-Class Isolation and National Integration, Reinhard Bendix and Guenther Roth ; The Origins of Social Liberalism in Germany, Donald G. Rohr ; Stillborn Revolution: The Communist Bid for Power in Germany, 1921-1923, Werner T. Angress ; A History of the Weimar Republic. Volume II: From the Locarno Conference to Hitler's Seizure of Power, Erich Eyck and Harlan P. Hanson
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 147-150

Stresemann and the Politics of the Weimar Republic, Henry Ashby Turner, Jr.
Reviewed by Alan Bullock

pp. 150-151

Der Faschismus in seiner Epoche: Die Action Francaise, Der Italienische Faschismus, Der Nationalsozialismus, Ernst Nolte
Reviewed by Lewis J. Edinger

pp. 151-153

The Union Nationale: A Study in Quebec Nationalism, Herbert F. Quinn
Reviewed by Helen Taft Manning

pp. 153-155

The Latin-American Mind, Leopoldo Zea, James H. Abbott and Lowell Dunham
Reviewed by Stanley J. Stein

pp. 155-156

Order and Rebellion in Tribal Africa, Max Gluckman
Reviewed by Hortense Powdermaker

pp. 156-158

Building the Atlantic World, R. Strausz-Hupé, J. E. Dougherty and W. R. Kintner
Reviewed by James R. Huntley

pp. 158-160

Responsibility for the Community: A New Norm Confronts Tradition in Lutheran City Churches, Imogen Seger
Reviewed by Robert D. Cross

pp. 160-161

The Privacy Invaders, Myron Brenton ; The Naked Society, Vance Packard
Reviewed by Telford Taylor

pp. 161-164

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