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Volume 76 - Number 2 - June 1961

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The United States and Latin America
Frank Tannenbaum

pp. 161-180

The Founding Fathers: Young Men of the Revolution
Stanley Elkins, Eric McKitrick

pp. 181-216

The South African Treason Trial
Thomas G. Karis

pp. 217-240

The Sunakawa Case: Its Legal and Political Implications
Alfred C. Oppler

pp. 241-263

The Australsian Monroe Doctrine
Merze Tate

pp. 264-284

Laos: Its People, Its Society, Its Culture, Frank LeBar and Adrienne Suddard
Reviewed by William Henderson

pp. 285-286

Between War and Peace: The Potsdam Conference, Herbert Feis
Reviewed by Henry F. Graff

pp. 286-288

Indonesian Independence and the United Nations, Alastair M. Taylor
Reviewed by Leland M. Goodrich

pp. 288-290

The West Indies Federation: Perspectives on a New Nation, David Lowenthal
Reviewed by Morley Ayearst

pp. 291-292

The Kremlin and World Politics: Studies in Soviet Policy and Action, Philip E. Mosely
Reviewed by Willis C. Armstrong

pp. 292-294

The Genius of America, Saul K. Padover ; The Jefferson Image in the American Mind, Merrill D. Peterson
Reviewed by Lawrence H. Chamberlain

pp. 294-296

American Rights: The Constitution in Action, Walter Gellhorn
Reviewed by Leonard W. Levy

pp. 296-298

The Costs of Democracy, Alexander Heard
Reviewed by Duane Lockard

pp. 298-299

The Presidency: Crisis and Regeneration, Herman Finer ; Powers of the President During Crises, J. Malcolm Smith and Cornelius P. Cotter
Reviewed by William G. Carleton

pp. 300-301

Communism in American Politics, David J. Saposs
Reviewed by Peter H. Odegard

pp. 302-304

The Conscience of the Revolution: Communist Opposition in Soviet Russia, Robert Vincent Daniels
Reviewed by Alexander Dallin

pp. 304-307

Two Treatises of Government, Peter Laslett and John Locke
Reviewed by Rosalie L. Colie

pp. 307-309

The Calas Affair: Persecution, Toleration, and Heresy in Eighteenth-Century Toulouse, David D. Bien
Reviewed by Peter Gay

pp. 309-311

Victorian Origins of the British Welfare State, David Roberts
Reviewed by Robert Lekachman

pp. 311-313

The Fall of Parnell, 1890-1891, F. S. L. Lyons
Reviewed by Gilbert A. Cahill

pp. 313-315

Trade Unions and the Labour Party since 1945, Martin Harrison
Reviewed by Stanley Rothman

pp. 315-316

Economic Consequences of the Size of Nations, E. A. G. Robinson
Reviewed by Robert M. Stern

pp. 316-317

Defeated Leaders: The Political Fate of Caillaux, Jouvenel, and Tardieu, Rudolph Binion
Reviewed by Gordon Wright

pp. 318-319

Church and State in Italy, 1850-1950, David Moore and A. C. Jemolo
Reviewed by S. William Halperin

pp. 319-320

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