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Volume 74 - Number 4 - December 1959

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The American System in Crisis
David B. Truman

pp. 481-497

Woodrow Wilson's Appeals to the People of Europe: British Radical Influence on the President's Strategy
Laurence W. Martin

pp. 498-516

Formosa and the Offshore Islands in American Policy, 1950-1955
O. Edmund Clubb

pp. 517-531

More Light on the Abrogation of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance
Merze Tate, Fidele Foy

pp. 532-554

Gerhard D. Bleicken

pp. 555-563

German Nationalists and European Union
Kurt P. Tauber

pp. 564-589

Detachment and the Writing of History: Essays and Letters of Carl L. Becker, Phil L. Snyder ; Carl Becker's Heavenly City Revisited, Raymond O. Rockwood
Reviewed by Franklin L. Ford

pp. 590-593

Nehru: A Political Biography, Michael Brecher
Reviewed by Norman D. Palmer

pp. 593-594

New England State Politics, Duane Lockard
Reviewed by James MacGregor Burns

pp. 595-596

Small-Town Politics: A Study of Political Life in Glossop, A. H. Birch
Reviewed by Samuel H. Beer

pp. 596-598

The English Health Service: Its Origins, Structure, and Achievements, Harry Eckstein and James Howard Means
Reviewed by Eveline M. Burns

pp. 598-600

The Schuman Plan: A Study in Economic Cooperation, 1950-1959, William Diebold
Reviewed by Miroslav A. Kriz

pp. 600-602

NATO and the European Union Movement, M. Margaret Ball ; European Institutions: Co-operation--Integration--Unification, A. H. Robertson
Reviewed by Michael T. Florinsky

pp. 603-605

The United Nations, Leland M. Goodrich
Reviewed by Kenneth W. Thompson

pp. 605-606

A History of Modern Germany: The Reformation, Hajo Holborn
Reviewed by Garrett Mattingly

pp. 607-608

Germany after Bismarck: The Caprivi Era, 1890-1894, J. Alden Nichols
Reviewed by Paul Seabury

pp. 608-610

The Spartacist Uprising of 1919 and the Crisis of the German Socialist Movement: A Study of the Relation of Political Theory and Party Practice, Eric Waldman ; Matthias Erzberger and the Dilemma of German Democracy, Klaus Epstein
Reviewed by S. William Halperin

pp. 610-611

Germany and World Politics in the Twentieth Century, Ludwig Dehio and Dieter Pevsner
Reviewed by Lewis J. Edinger

pp. 611-613

Russian Far Eastern Policy, 1881-1904, Andrew Malozemoff
Reviewed by Alexander Dallin

pp. 613-614

Socialism in One Country, 1924-1926. Volume I, Edward Hallett Carr
Reviewed by Robert Paul Browder

pp. 614-616

Pattern for Soviet Youth: A Study of the Congresses of the Komosomol, 1918-1954, Ralph Talcott Fisher
Reviewed by John A. Armstrong

pp. 616-618

Dialectical Materialism: A Historical and Systematic Survey of Philosophy in the Soviet Union, Gustav A. Wetter and Peter Heath
Reviewed by George L. Kline

pp. 618-621

The French Religious Wars in English Political Thought, J. H. M. Salmon
Reviewed by Guy H. Dodge

pp. 621-623

The Cambridge History of the British Empire. Volume III: The Empire- Commonwealth, 1870-1919, E. A. Benians, C. E. Carrington and James Butler
Reviewed by Chilton Williamson

pp. 623-624

The Imperial Idea and Its Enemies: A Study in British Power, A. P. Thornton
Reviewed by A. L. Burt

pp. 624-626

New Fabian Colonial Essays, Arthur Creech Jones
Reviewed by Rupert Emerson

pp. 626-627

The Commonwealth Economy in Southeast Asia, T. H. Silcock
Reviewed by William Henderson

pp. 628-629

Nigeria: Background to Nationalism, James S. Coleman
Reviewed by Grady H. Nunn

pp. 629-631

Raw Materials; A Study of American Policy, Percy W. Bidwell
Reviewed by Herman F. Otte

pp. 632-633

Allied Wartime Diplomacy: A Pattern in Poland, Edward J. Rozek ; Poland: Its People, Its Society, Its Culture, Clifford R. Barnett
Reviewed by Stephen Borsody

pp. 633-635

The Idea of Freedom: A Dialectical Examination of the Conceptions of Freedom, Mortimer J. Adler ; The Structure of Freedom, Christian Bay
Reviewed by John H. Hallowell

pp. 635-640

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