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Volume 64 - Number 2 - June 1949

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The British White Paper
Robert B. Warren

pp. 161-167

A Half-Century of American Foreign Policy: Our Stake in Europe, 1898-1948
Edward Mead Earle

pp. 168-188

The Nationalization of Banks in France
Margaret G. Myers

pp. 189-210

Private Foreign Investments: A Means of World Economic Development
William Harvey Reeves, Paul D. Dickens

pp. 211-244

Lenin's Attitude Toward an International Organization for the Maintenance of Peace, 1914-1917
C. Dale Fuller

pp. 245-261

Did Labor Support Jackson?: The Boston Story
Edward Pessen

pp. 262-274

China: The Land and the People, Gerald F. Winfield
Reviewed by Dorothy J. Orchard

pp. 276-278

New Paths for Japan, Harold Wakefield
Reviewed by Hugh Borton

pp. 278-280

Political Power in the U.S.S.R., 1917-1947: The Theory and Structure of Government in the Soviet State, Julian Towster
Reviewed by James Watson

pp. 280-282

The German Opposition to Hitler: An Appraisal, Hans Rothfels
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 283-285

Report on the Greeks, Frank Smothers, William Hardy McNeill and Elizabeth Darbishire McNeill
Reviewed by C. E. Black

pp. 285-286

Mandates, Dependencies and Trusteeship, H. Duncan Hall
Reviewed by Henry R. Winkler

pp. 286-287

Austria from Habsburg to Hitler. Vol. I: Labor's Workshop of Democracy. Vol. II: Fascism's Subversion of Democracy, Charles A. Gulick and Walther Federn
Reviewed by Walter Consuelo Langsam

pp. 288-289

Politics among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace, Hans J. Morgenthau
Reviewed by Norman J. Padelford

pp. 290-292

The Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol I: Plans and Early Operations, January 1939 to August 1942, Wesley Frank Craven and James L. Cate ; The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops. Vol. II of The Army Ground Forces. The Unites States Army in World War II, Robert R. Palmer, Bell I. Wiley and William R. Keast
Reviewed by John D. Millett

pp. 292-295

Future Food and Agriculture Policy: A Program for the Next Ten Years, John D. Black and Maxine E. Kiefer
Reviewed by Richard Bradfield

pp. 295-297

Family Farm Policy: Proceedings of a Conference on Family Farm Policy, Joseph Ackerman and Marshall Harris
Reviewed by Robert Leslie Jones

pp. 297-298

The Analysis of Political Behaviour: An Empirical Approach, Harold D. Lasswell
Reviewed by Herbert Maza

pp. 299-300

Ideas Have Consequences, Richard M. Weaver
Reviewed by J. H. Hexter

pp. 300-302

Economic Security and Individual Freedom: Can We Have Both?, Albert Lauterbach
Reviewed by Walter G. O'Donnell

pp. 303-304

The American Economy: Its Problems and Prospects, Sumner H. Slichter
Reviewed by Paul J. Strayer

pp. 304-306

The Roosevelt Court: A Study in Judicial Politics and Values, 1937-1947, C. Herman Pritchett
Reviewed by Vincent M. Barnett

pp. 306-309

The Social Politics of FEPC: A Study in Reform Pressure Movements, Louis Coleridge Kesselman
Reviewed by Frances Jay

pp. 309-310

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