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Volume 52 - Number 3 - September 1937

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M. Blum and the French Senate
Lindsay Rogers

pp. 321-339

Land Reclamation in Fascist Italy
Carl T. Schmidt

pp. 340-363

Some International Problems of the Spanish Civil War
Norman J. Padelford, Henry G. Seymour

pp. 364-380

Man Versus Floods
J. K. Finch

pp. 381-391

Australia and Japan: Conflict in the South Pacific
Irving S. Friedman

pp. 392-406

Concerning the Frontier as Safety Valve
Joseph Schafer

pp. 407-420

Soviet Communism: A New Civilisation?, Sidney Webb and Beatrice Webb
Reviewed by George Catlin

pp. 421-423

The Fascist: His State and His Mind, E. B. Ashton
Reviewed by Herbert W. Schneider

pp. 423-427

The Career of Theophile Delcasse, Charles W. Porter
Reviewed by Sidney B. Fay

pp. 430-431

Friedrich Engels, Gustav Mayer, Gilbert Highet and Helen Highet
Reviewed by S. Bernstein

pp. 431-433

The League of Nations and the Rule of Law, 1918-1935, Alfred Zimmern
Reviewed by J. P. Chamberlain

pp. 433-436

The Sino-Japanese Controversy and the League of Nations, Westel W. Willoughby
Reviewed by Robert T. Pollard

pp. 436-439

Cuba and the United States, 1900-1935, Russell H. Fitzgibbon
Reviewed by Thomas A. Bailey

pp. 439-441

Colombia and the United States 1765-1934, E. Taylor Parks
Reviewed by Dana G. Munro

pp. 441-443

The Struggle for the Pacific, Gregory Bienstock ; The Far East in World Politics, G. F. Hudson ; The Twentieth Century in the Far East, P. H. B. Kent
Reviewed by Cyrus H. Peake

pp. 443-444

The Ancient World, T. R. Glover
Reviewed by Edward Rosen

pp. 445-446

The Kingdom of the Crusaders, Dana Carleton Munro
Reviewed by A. A. Beaumont

pp. 446-448

History of Parliament. Vol. I: Biographies of the Members of the Commons House, 1439-1509, Josiah C. Wedgwood and Anne D. Holt
Reviewed by Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 448-450

The British Empire before the American Revolution: Provincial Characteristics and Sectional Tendencies in the Era Preceding the American Crisis. Volume I: Great Britain and Ireland. Volume II: The Southern Plantations. Volume III: The Northern Plantations, Lawrence Henry Gipson
Reviewed by Leonard W. Labaree

pp. 451-454

Public Opinion and Politics in Eighteenth Century England: To the Fall of Walpole, William T. Laprade
Reviewed by Charles F. Mullett

pp. 454-456

England, 1870-1914, R. C. K. Ensor
Reviewed by J. Salwyn Schapiro

pp. 456-458

Genealogie der Verfassungen, Conrad Bornhak
Reviewed by Carl Joachim Friedrich

pp. 458-460

Philippine Independence, Grayson L. Kirk
Reviewed by J. H. Landman

pp. 460-462

The Development of the Business Corporation in England, 1800-1867, Carleton Hunt ; British Corporation Finance, 1775-1850: A Study of Preference Shares, George Heberton Evans
Reviewed by A. H. Stockder

pp. 463-465

Economic History of Europe, Herbert Heaton
Reviewed by Judith Blow Williams

pp. 465-466

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